Monday, January 26, 2015

Ready for 2015.....

Although 2014 bruised me, well it beat the crap out of me. I can take away so much more from it, than what the eye may perceive, 2014 that is. I was ready to welcome 2015 and I hope no matter what life throws at your 2015 starts off to an amazing year.Yes, Yes! I know I am late with this post but I am trying to redevelop a routine again and its Monday!. Please be patient as I move and reorganize things in my life. I have accomplish something  so amazing already in 2015 (two things) I feel blessed. There are a few things I plan to improve in my life, self and environment around me. I hope this video is helpful to someone.

I will be back to regularly blogging soon.

Join me:

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Big Chop

The first time I "Big Chop" I did not know that there was even such a term. I associated my change in appearance with me being fed up of constant breaking hair, which ultimately really is what the Big Chop is. For many however, it is so much more on a deeper level, which at the time was not at the forefront of my mind.

Today I will explore "The Big Chop" and the many questions one will have.

What is the big chop?

The big chop is an attempt to restore your hair to a healthy state. It is the process of removing those damage ends, or for some removing hair to become natural and  having healthy growing hair. When you decided to big chop it can be a very scary but liberating time. Many women say they feel like they have let go, been refresh and a few nothing to it. Whatever the reason for your new change or urge to change do it for you.

Essentials to starting your journey?

I wrote an article about three years ago that discuss the essential to starting and continuing your hair journey Click Here. In the article I discuss what is essential for any natural. However when you first big chop depending on the amount of hair you have removed your hair care need maybe different. Less hair will require a much different routine than with someone that has chosen to transition more than 50% of their hair growth.

Turn away from public opinion

It is important to choose what will work best for you and why you want to big chop. Make sure it is a decision you willing to live with and doing it for you. Do not big chop because a natural hair blogger or vlogger said too.

What about protective styling?

The great thing about protective styling is that you can use many methods if your hair is at its shortest you can switch up your looks with wigs until it grows out to try weaves, wigs, braids, twists and of course play around with your own hair and trying protective styling with your own hair.

I have written a few articles on protective styling that may help: 

Motivation Thursday Lets Spotlight
How to winter-ize your natural hair care

Pro of the Big Chop

~ if your hair has begun to grow out by doing the big chop you will hsve one texture to style
~ shorts cuts are low maintenance and take less time
~ care time is also cut in half: shampooing, conditioning, detangling
~ you learn so much about your hair, health, and products

Cons of the Big Chop

~ it can be overwhelming when you remove all your hair especially those with longer hair
~ You may realize you hate your new appearance and short hair
~ some may not be to keen on your new look and everyone has an opinion
~ natural hair is not loved by everyone so once your hair begins to grow your texture maybe loved and or disliked

Things to know before doing the Big Chop and some may not telling you

~ Your intial reaction maybe shock
~ You may discover your true hair texture
~ As your hair grows it can become frustration for many, learning and finding out what works
~ It is important to know your hair will not be perfect and will misbehave from time to time
~ No two heads are the same, so what works for you may not work for others
~ Your hair care, hair reaction to products, change in weather and elements can be affect by all these
~ Be open to trying new styles as your hair grows
~ If you need help ask and read articles, books and watch videos to help in your journey
~ Consistency is key
~ Be patient and kind to your hair
~ Detangle will be vital to your journey, take your time protecting those ends

Hope these hints are helpful to get you started on your journey!

Good luck