Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My poetry post: Say it all

I realize after much thought nobody is perfect, not that I didnt know. I can't and you cant let negativity manifest in your minds! It becomes this toxic chemical building inside holding you back! I have made it a note to surround myself with people who will encourage, motivate, support, allow me to grow, learn, and vice versa. Am happy being happy so anything, or anyone that isnt on the same quest can sit back and watch me be happy with a frown on your face!

It isnt to be taken personally it is the fact that I have grown to become and will continue to grow to be the best person inside and out I can be with or with out you!! Despite my flaws, am okay with them so if you love the good things about me, then there must be the other side which as I work on me you can try to accept! Everybody has two sides!!

So as I turn my day into something productive, I dont want to glance at my facebook page to see the negativity, my bbm stays turned off so I can stay in my blissful state, my heart smiles, continues too...so
I can feel embraced

Nobody told me the world could rip you apart and spit you out! Nobody told me I could bounce back and land on both feet! And if they did I would have smiled and said no way!

I want you to know that tomorrow is always a better day, so when you look over your shoulder remember that what ever you are facing you are not alone! It is that bad, someone's got it worst. Dont let the bullies take your life, dont let them destroy who you are!

Because nobody is perfect!

Voices will sound in your head because you have heard it time and time again, patience for anyone willing to let them silent, slowly they will. Days that seem to never end, put on your house coat, grab your favourite treat, realm in your self, comfort, and beauty...

Anger broils when they do that to me, but its because nobody's perfect so when I want to throw my book at your face, or become that childish brat on your bbm, or forget my age. I remind myself am only human but a classy lady inside holds me back. She holds me back

I realize that my goals are to important to fail, my heart to fragile to hurt, my body to precious to abuse, my mind continues o grow wth knowledge, experience, books, present and past. Love is what I am, love is what I get. As I toss and turn in circles, it"s not because am confused am over joyed by the love all around me. I have given myself the greatest gift of all.

If you never accept yourself who will? ...when the world lets you down, remember there are millions here!

So my imperfections upset you, but I see yours as the qualities I dont have! I realize nobody's perfect and the minute I stop trying to be someone am not, my heart, my eyes, opened to a whole new world.

Am content!

And if nobody's perfect then why are you still sitting with the frown on your face...the people around you couldnt relate..you gave them the power to take you away...but your upset at me because your "perfections" arent perfect too...

Please dont take it personal

By: Stansia Hood

Healthy Winter Hair Tips

This winter I am making it my mission to really take care of my hair. My hair can really get dry in the winter months.

My tips

* Healthy eating
* Hydration- drink lots of water and also spritz my hair with water at least three times a day
* I have allocated a schedule for myself when I wash, co wash, treat everything is schedule
* I have separat bottles for my oils, and water applicaion
* Use a leave in, however I have to use very little product as I have lots of build up in m hair easily
* I make my own products
* I have implement new methods and will be following an Avuryedic regimen this winter
* Since I am getting bored with my hair I have goals, length goals, styles goals and protective styles goals
* Trying to learn as much as I can from research both on the youtube, books and other resources
* Stay strong on my journey, lately I have been so discourage, very discourage. It is a hard journey for sure
* I have started to wear wigs, yes never thought I say that but they are great protective styles.
* I make my own wigs to ensure perfect fit, an comfort.

I recently purchase the sulfate free Morracan conditioner and shampoo. That will be added to my winter regimen. So far my hair has been flourishing.


My goal is to add another 6 inches to my hair, let me know some of your goals, ask any questions or concerns you would like to know about!


Confessions of a "Pretty" Girl....

There are no words to describe my love for Spoken Word, poetry, anything creative. It is pure love.

Cinnamon skinned
Belizean blend
Lord please send me an angel
Mommy works 16 hours days and I only know one way to make fry jack
I gotta feed my younger sister and brother and be strong for my mother
My older sister moved out young.
Please tell her I love her and I miss her
Oh, and can you ask her why she left.
I almost got arrested for petty theft but the officers let me go.
They said I was too young and too pretty to go to jail.
Lord, what does pretty mean?
I mean, I hear boys say it to girls all of the time at school, but they never say those words to me.
They never say those words to me.
Well, he did one time, after he touched me.
He smelled funny and he was old.
It made me cry so I told.
I told.
Lord where is daddy and why did daddy leave?
How come now everyone tells me im pretty except for he and he looks like me?
How come he didn't come save me when my co worker drugged me and stole kisses
Where was my daddy when I threw the punches and made misses.
The thief called me pretty too.
It made me cry so i told.
I told...
and they didnt believe me.
Lord, I dont want to be pretty anymore. It hurts too much.
I didnt know pretty meant an invite to take what you want and touch
And such.
Existing in a world where im afraid of what men are capable.
Incapable of...
Wanting one, but fearing them all
Resting on broken pavement from the last time i got knocked down
Not wanting to get up
Saving myself from another fall
or am i?
Adams broken rib
Whose broken heart was given a bus token by Life
and told to get the fcuk on.
Pretty in pain
Collectively insane
Looking at my scar's left behind stains
Crying cause pretty was an accomplice to the murder of the little girl I used to be
Now look at me
The adult me walking blind
The little girl inside i cant find.
A mess in red patent leather pumps and a black dress
Suffering from a heart condition because of the stress
Loving myself more, to death
and everyone else less
The walking dead in a bullet proof vest
My own worst enemy.
Please, Help me.
My pretty is trying to kill me.

To hear more Click Here

xoxo Enjoy, Empower, Embrace, Create

Toronto Natural Hair Show Video

I finally found some great footage of the Toronto Natural Hair show taken by a fellow Toronto Natural you recently began maing youtube videos. Afrobeautful's channel.



Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Nail Trends

Lately I have been going crazy with my nails, I discovered this discount beauty store close to my house that carries these amazing beauty products for more than half off. Opi for 50 cent, naturally I was not convinced that they could be any good, but I havent had any problems and have gone back twice now. They have the most unique colours you will ever fine and good quality. I really need a new camera so for now I have gather a few pictures to help you all. There are really great fall trends, or just be unique and have fun! I change my nails every week, of course I do it myself cause its more fun that way!

How to care for your nails:

* Take a multivitamin daily to ensure you are getting the proper amount of vitamins
* moisturize nail beds regularly with a nondrying lotion, try this at least once a day
* Trim cuticles once a week, make sure to soften cuticles before trimming
* Make sure your nails tips arent to pointy as they are easier to break off.
* Give your nails a break from nails polish as often as possible
     -although I change up my nail polish regularly I also allow my nails to breathe for a few days in between
* I suggest wearing gloves to protect your nails, so when you are washing dishes, using cleaning products or gardening. I starting using gloves because my hands were sensitive and over time it has been very effective for both hands and nails.

If you have any other helpful tips feel free to leave a comment, it is always helpful to share what works for you.

Military Green **How I adore this colour**



Must try for your nails

For fall have fun be creativeand try something new.

* Pop art graphics like the picture above
* Tips, I love tips different colours are always fun!
* Neutrals nails are great for an office look, or a fresh natural look
* Decals - try sparkles, diamond, try heavy duty nail glue so your decals can stay on.

Your beautiful

For all Women **A little Inspiration**

I been hearing this song for a while now and thought it was great for a little inspiration, especially the times you just want to rip your hair out. Lately I have been having a few of those feelings. I am not exactly sure why but maybe I just need a change. Change is good!....Enjoy


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Maintain your healthy skin **Summer to Fall**

Our skin changes every season especially if you live in a country like Canada. I find that my skin goes through many changes from summer 4o fall to winter. I can admit I have only recently figured out my skin regimen for summer. It is actually quite simple now for me. My problem is oily skin and cleaning out my pores as they can become clog due to the weather.

As summer comes to an end my focus for my skin is to also protect my skin from the harsh winter months.

Moisturize: Use cream based product to combat dry skin, for me using natural oils tends to work for me.

Cleanse gently: Use gentle cleanses to on your skin, during the winter months your skin is more likely to let you know which products are harsh on your skin. Pay attention to your skin as harsh cleanses can strip away natural oils from the skin. Use jojoba oils which is similar to the skin's natural oil to replenish your skin if it has been severely strip. Also please note that what works for others may not always work for you.

Exfoliate: This has become one of my daily routines, and so far I often here "your glowing" nt because am pregnant but becuase my skin has really flourish this summer which I hope to carry into winter. The summer months bring sunburns, chlorine and oil have dulled your complexion, exfoliating can take off some dead cells and give your skin a fresher and more radiant appearance.

*Exfoliating allows your skin’s surface to readily absorb other treatments.
Prepare for flare ups: In the fall many tend to experience flare up because skin conditions tend to go through cycles. Prepare yourself by having prescriptions and other natural remedies ready for you.

Have Sun Protection: Keep in mind that just because fall is here and you see the clouds setting in, we are in no way shape or form protect your skin UV ray damage. To prevent your skin from aging prematurely and to reduce your risk of developing skin cancer, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

So how to transition to fall

* continue to eat healthy so your skin and boby can reap the benefits, snack on almonds and fruits
* maintain an active lifestyle at least 3 times a week
* working out in the morning for at least 30 minutes will help you feel and look better throughout the day.
* Drink lots of water
* This is the time of year your skin craves hydraton
* Adding oil to your fall regimen will prevent dryness and cracking
* Exfoliate your body and hands as well again making sure not to strip the skin of essential oils.
* Use cream on your hands to keep them moisturized
* For your feet use a foot scrub daily t/ mainta)n smooth and soft feet.

Remember to do your research and understand your body as you would with your hair!!

Empower, Embrace

Deja ~ Vu ~ Naturals: Fitness & Health

Deja ~ Vu ~ Naturals: Fitness & Health: Skin Care -DIY Postings by topic: What about my face? How to maintain your healthy skin **Summer to Fall** How to Maintain your healt...

The Misavdeventures of Awkward Black girl

I came across this video on 4aces and am so in love with it!!!..It is not only funny but also thought provoking...Enjoy


Monday, September 19, 2011


This year I wasnt able to attend the natural hair show, but I did end up having fun either way. I did hear the show was a success and loads of goodies and fun. I had a brief call from a friend who filled me in on how exciting, and fun it was this year. If any or you in Toronto attend feel free to leave you comments and let me know how you enjoy it !!!


Friday, September 16, 2011

How Bad Do You Want It? (Success Story)

I love this, very inspiring...Enjoy your weekend all, I will be back to my regular posting next week....
Remember love, peace, unite and embrace


Aevin Dugas World's biggest fro: Guiness World's Records

Last year I had the pleasure of interview Aevin Dugas I fell in love with her hair after starting my blog and ask for an interview I was so excited to see that she is now hold officially the world record for the biggest fro. How cool is that! Natural Hair rules!

For more on her regimen and interview with me CLICK HERE

Toronto Natural Hair Show 2011

Just a quick reminder that this week is the Toronto Natural Hair show...It should be so much am so excited to bring back lots of photos, videos and goodies for you guys. Information posted below dont forget to say hi if you see me!!!

Celebrity Unisex Salon - 3133 Sheppard Ave E @ Pharmacy
A Different Booklist - 746 Bathurst St @ Bloor
Play De Record. - 357 Yonge Street @ Dundas

Tickets are 15$ in advance

New York Fashion Week

I hope to one day be able to attend NYFW for now I look at pictures and dream of the day I can attend. As some of ou may know I love fashion and am getting more and more into it. I live everyday like a doll, I love to dress up, do my makeup and really along with it all take care of myself. I found some great pics of this year's street trends at NYFW enjoy....


Rebecca Taylor 2012

L.A.M.B Spring Collection 2012

Jenny Packman Spring 2012

Badgley Mischka Spring 2012


Nanette Lepore Spring 2012


These are some of my favourites looks from NYFW


Solange Knowles Solange Knowles joins other famous faces on the red carpet at the Rimmel Party at Battersea Power Station - to celebrate 10 years of Kate Moss as the face of Rimmel..Solange Knowles Solange Knowles joins other famous faces on the red carpet at the Rimmel Party at Battersea Power Station - to celebrate 10 years of Kate Moss as the face of Rimmel..Solange Knowles Solange Knowles joins other famous faces on the red carpet at the Rimmel Party at Battersea Power Station - to celebrate 10 years of Kate Moss as the face of Rimmel..Solange Knowles Solange Knowles joins other famous faces on the red carpet at the Rimmel Party at Battersea Power Station - to celebrate 10 years of Kate Moss as the face of Rimmel..

I love the dress, shoes, lipstick everything just works!!! I love her style and the UNIQUE NATURAL SOLANGE...


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Style Finds

I am in love with this clutch it's so beautiful am in love with it...from ASOS


I purchased this yesterday from aldo for 20.00$ I really liked it so didnt mind the price...I know it's something I am going to wear alot.

  I just realize this is one sale online for 15.98$

I also spotted this at Aldo...



For some reason am really into these necklaces all of a sudden hey make such a statement and I love it. I dont wear lots of necklaces they usually just sit the section of my jewellery collection for necklaces....So experimenting with them is cerainly alot of fun...

xoxo Stans