Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hair Inspiration

I wanted to share some great ideas that you can wear your hair this weekend! Enjoy


Empower, Embrace, Create, unite


Kelly Wearstler Accessories Spring 2012


What do you guys think of these pieces, these were some of my favourites from the collection you can view the full line HERE


Happy Weekend

I hope you are all having an amazing weekend! I got up to bright skies, a little cold, but I wont complain. For those of you new to my blog today is pampering day. Every saturday I pamper myself. I usually do my cleaning on Friday evenings because am home early and then Saturdays are reserve to just pamper (hair, skin, nails, eyebrows) myself. lol, I like to pretend I have money to do that. Truth is, I do everything in the comfort of my home. I am a true lover of homemade products done right, so a little brown sugar and honey for my skin and face, a little olive oil, honey and brown sugar for my lips because there sensitive, skin toner apple cider vinegar and green tea, sit back relax and take in the day. It's really a day to make my products, care ofr my skin and just enjoy. Today for sure am having fun, dont know if am getting dress and going out but I need some down time. ohh am also going to get my eyebrows done for 3$, how amazinggg.

What are you all up to this weekend? and I really wanna know what you are going to be for halloween?

Stay tune for more post and Enjoy! Happy Weekend and am off to start my day!

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I am trying to keep up with twitter, trying to get into it now so follow me there if you wanna keep in touch I mostly likely wont be in front my computer all day!!

 xoxo Dejavunaturals

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fashion Fridays: Solange

Okay I just had to share this, is it just me or is Solange killing it over and over again.

Check out these pics!


Zara Plaited Shopper

This bag is beautifullllllllllllllllll, I'm in love, truly madly in love....

What do you think? Would you pay 79.99 not Canadian GBP (UK) for these! 

Ms Stans

Neyo ft Trey Songz & T-Pain "The way you move"

There is something about this song, I actually really like it...I love
neyo first two albums, so let's hope this one is gonna be hawtt!!
Personally I could have done with T-Pain out of the video and is
"enhanced voice" yes thats what am going to call it! all smiles



Toya Wright Exchanges Flirty Tweets With Hubby Memphitz For Her 28th Birthday

Okay I had to post this because why does he look so delicious, I mean am allowed to say that my hubby looks good to but damn Memphitzzzzz

Anyways guys, moment of silence.........Toya turned 28 yesterday and she and the hubby shared tweets and here the pics!! I thought it was sweet.

I really like this awwwwwwwww

Now on to the Goodness AmproGel  photoshoot

Ms Stans


Jimmy Choo celebrate 15 years in fashion with a book

The book celebrates the most iconic shoe designs by Jimmy Choo. Fashion editorials photographed by Mario Testino and Terry Richardson sit alongside paparazzi images of celebrities who have helped elevate the brand to become a household name synonymous with glamour, wealth and sex appeal. 

The book also shows behind the scenes sketches  and behind the scenes pictures of creating 'Choo'.
You can tune in for £60 until next February when the book will be distrubuted.

Ms Stans

Vintage clothing

If your looking for vintage clothing, or shoes check out the link below!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fashion Friday

As you all know tomorrow is fashion friday but I will include an article on how to care for your skin in the fall, it includes some great helpful tips, and some hair tips as well. Posts will start around 7am so stay tune and as always thanks for stopping by....

Ms Stans

The Harriet Experiment (Join in the challenge)

I got some really exciting news I came across this email inviting me to share this on my blog and become
a part of  The Harriet Experiment and I would love any new naturals, thinking about going natural or
anyone that is already natural to join in on the fun!

To find out more please watch the video..although am in Toronto I will make it my goal to grow
six inches in one year starting today! So I will do a length check today Oct 27 2011- Oct 27,2012
is our end date ....please join me and join if you in Chicago on this wonderful experience and journey

Click here

Tomorrow I will post pics of my hair today and will follow through every month until the Oct 27,2011
this will be posted in a page I will dedicate to this experience

Empower, Embrace, Create and Unite

Curly Nikki Nyc Meetup (Street Style)

I have been such a browsing mood lately, going everywhere I can find on the net about hair, fashion, news, fun videos. I always seem to find the most amazing things minding my business. I love watching my hair grow but I am so excited to see if I can really pull off some these styles, I found these over at Essence and have shared some of my favourite styles..Enjoy style inspirations

These are some of my favourite looks from the event
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Ms. Stans

Deja ~ Vu ~ Naturals: Fashion

Deja ~ Vu ~ Naturals: Fashion: CLICK HERE FOR MORE I am in love with the pink blazer and am sure some of you will be to, definitely a must have! I seen a few item...

Beyonce ft J.Cole

I am official in love with this video, love everything about it, maybe because it
a different side of Beyonce and I love the fun colours, clothes just the whole
vibe of the video...Enjoy y'all


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weekly update

Hey guys I know this week I haven't posted as often as I would love to, am busy writing a few articles that I think would be so helpful and also just taking a quick break to relax and make some more videos. I hope you are all having a wonderful week and stay tune tomorrow. I will have Beyonce ft J Cole new video and more on my hair, and fashion. Once again until tomorrow


Ms. Hood/Stans

Art through Inspiration: Noemie Lenoir for PonyStep, Naomi Campbell by Seb Janiak, Naoumie of Q Models for XEX Magazine

Noemie Lenoir

Naomi Campbell by Seb Janiak

Naoumie of Q Models pays tribute to Grace Jones on the cover of XEX Magazine Special edition in “Grace In Your Face” photographed by Sailey Williams , Stylist: Atiba Newsome, Assistant Stylist: Marcus Ivory, Hair: Mann Nance and Makeup: Griselle Rosario.