Thursday, August 18, 2011

Answered: Box Braids Questions

This was taken two months after

What kind of hair should I use for box braids?
You can use 100% kanekalon jumbo synthetic hair

Are the waist length box braids heavy?
Yes they can be very heavy, especially if lots of hair is used. If they are done small try to use less hair but done in a way that still compliments you.

How do you deep condition?
I deep condition by applying my home made deep treatment to my hair for a few hours and simply rinsing the braids, wash and air dry. I use very little shampoo, constantly spritz them with water, used a leave in treatment a few times a week. I do not use product in my hair every single day! (Personal preference) I rather use water or light oil like coconut oil. I also used apple cider vinegar to remove any build up.

How long can they stay in?
I kept mine in for three months, if they are done really neat they can actually last this long. I had every little build up to my surprise.

How long do they take?
Mines took about 8 hours to complete and were waist length. I did them while watching TV, walking around but they general take anywhere between 8-10 hours if done the way I did them. If you have someone who can braids fast it may take a short amount of time.

Do they damage your hair?
My hair actually grew in, including my edges which have grown in the most in my life. I remember I use to say don’t have baby hairs; well let's just say yes I do. My hair grew about an inch and a half to my surprise. The expected rate it should grow. My braids weren’t tight but tight and neat enough to last three months.

Are they considered a protective styling hair method?
I believe they are your ends are protected for a long period of time. You have to be every gentle with your hair. Do not manipulate them too much, or pull on them. I wore mine down and out. Simply because it was really heavy in a bun, or high pony!

How did you sleep with them?
I put them into a bun, used two silk scarves to tie it up one facing the front and the other at the back to hold it in place!

Were you able to work out with them waist length?
Yes I was I simply tied them the way I tied them going to sleep up in a high pony with to scarves one facing the front and the other facing the back.

How should I take care of them?
Since my routine maybe different, I will give you a general overview
*oil them daily
*Tie them each night with a scalp
*To prevent build up clarify your scalp and deep condition every two weeks
*Do not keep them longer than 3-4 months

How do I prepare for installment of box braids?
Deep condition your hair before you get them install, I did a protein treatments before mine and oiled my scalp.

How do I prevent the ends from unravelling?
To prevent unravelling, boil water and dip them in it. To create curled ends you braid the ends and dip them, use curling rods, or twist them. You can also glue them or flat iron them. (I prefer boil water)

Twist or Senegalese twist?
Personal I love them both. I believe they are so beautiful when done right and neat. The same routine follows for the twist.

How much do they cost?
I do mine myself so am really unsure I believe between 80 - 200$ depending on location, you would really have to call and find out. If you are my area I can always do them

*When you remove the braids, take your time to detangle your hair, use a natural oil to help with the process
*Be gentle, patient and kind with your hair
*Use a leave in or daily oil to moisturize your scalp
* Do not neglect your hair because it is in braids
*If you edges are weak you may not want to braid them to tight.
* Do not do them to tight or play with them to much!
* Remove build to prevent damage and prevention of your growth cycle

If you have any questions, tips or anything I missed feel free to add them or add your questions?
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