Thursday, November 20, 2014

Motivation Thursday: Let's Spotlight Protective Styling

Today's focus will be on protecting your hair, considering that WINTER decided to sneak up on those of us living in a colder climate area. We have been hit with snow, cold and dryness. I have notice the change in the way my hair behaves, dry and my ends are noticeable brittle. I am protecting my hair by covering it up from the harsh cold, but I am also doing my very best to moisturize.

What is Protective Styling?
Protective styling are usually heat-free hairstyles that conceal your ends to prevent breakage. Protective styling encourage growth, length retention and for many naturals can be a combination of braids, twists, weaves, and wigs.

How long can I leave my hair in a protective style?

Many people keep it for 2-3 months, that seems to be the general census when it comes to protective styling,

The problem with prolonged extension wear is the tangling that could occur from your hair being entrenched. The second problem is dryness that can occur from hair being protected it is not retaining moisture while being tuck away. It is important to continue your treatments while in protective styles.

The length of time depends on your ability to care for your own natural hair while in these styles, consistency is key and a clean scalp is important to growing our hair.

Protective Style Options

Natural hair. Box braids. Protective style. I might try this color for the summerMarley twist

Short Havana Twist @lynnettessilhouettes - #twists #havanatwists #naturalhairstyle

Rope twists by @braidsbyguvia - #ropetwists #senegalesetwists #twists

Crochet Braids

erikka_young's photo on Instagram

Favorite Protective Style: Crochet Braids with Cuban Twist

Crochet braids using Marley hair. Then roller set with perm rods.

Crochet Braids with Marley Hair- Protective Style Tutorial | Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Styles and Natural Hair Care

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