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AJ, Free, Julissa, And Terrence And Rocsi On Stage Together

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Hair Vlog: What's wrong with Solange Knowles...Nothing!

There is nothing wrong with natural hair is absolutely gorgeous!!! Embrace your tresses ladies and rock them you are beautiful...Please share what you think in the comment box!!

Fall Fashion Classics

Fashion classics are things that never go out of style, especially when you have a great sense of fashion you're able to included them in your closet time and time again. I have pulled together some great fall finds. Enjoy!!

Fitted Jacket

These can be found @ H&M
Fitted jackets are always a great way to dress up or to dress down. If you're looking for a clean classic look a fitte jacket is great to throw over any great outfit. Try them in colours to it's alot of fun to try a new look, you'll be surprise how much it works for you.

Pant Suit: Now this is not just for your 9 to 5. A great suit not just black but mix and matc your colour, with great tailouring and a unique flare can give a great polish, or fun look for fall. Whats great about a great pant suit is the blazer there are so many ways to wear a blazer and for me always been a must have in my closet. Blazer are great for great for a night out to dinner, pair it with some accessories, nice pair of jeans, r cute dress, skirt and a top, a cute pair of pumps and your out the door. Nowadays there are so many variations of the pant suit it is freshing and fun.

Neutral Coat: This classic can go with anything in your closet and your bound to find on at a great price. There are so many styles and varations to coats now that you can be classic and timeless or just fun and funky.

Plaid is great fall classic, now not everyone can get away with plaid but if done the right way it can be something to add to your closet for a long time. A great plaid jacket is a great way to make it a staple in your closet or a pair of tights (try clothes that arent to bright but add just the right amount of flare ot your outfit. Keep in mind that plaid can be done very loud or very quiet, so choose wisely and what suits you best.

Christian Louboutin Suede Boots go forabout 215$. You can find a pair like these at stores like aldo, le chateau and many other carry the variations of these.

When it comes to winter and fall, I must admit I have an obsession for tal boots around this time. I enjoy wearing them and try different colour and styles to ompliment my outfit. They never go out of style and you can always pull them back out and wer them again. It just make sense to have tall boots because you can pair them with anything from jeans to even a dress.


Accessories can make any outfit stand out. Pearls are a great way to keep a classic more structured look elegant. You can try black pearls, grey or your classic colour. I really love the way they layered the pearls.

  Large Bags
this bag is by gucci a great piece   These are from Christian Dior
and the colour is so beautiful

If you want something more affordable try aldo, forever21, H&M. They carry different styles nd variations and the pric is reasonable ranging from 19$ and up, if there is a sale sometimes even less.

Oscar de la RentaWhether they are leather or just anything the caugth your bags these can carry from summer to fall. A great bag is a timeless piece and can compliment any outfit. I love bags and enjoy something different and something unique, so i tend to search high and low for new pieces to add to my wardrobe.

, h&m, bluesuitsonline, thisisnext,mollystyle,,, fashion,about,com

How to care for your weave

i love this pic
source: blackgirlsrock

How to care for your weave
This winter I have decided upon two styles weaves and twists as my protective styling options. Currently I am wearing a weave and I really like it. I got a kinky afro weave that I must admit looks really nice. I prefer to protect my hair in winter because it gets so dry when left out. I know many naturals choose to do the same, I have complied some tips that will help you maintain your tresses and also have fun.
It is important that as naturals we pay special attention and care to our scalp and avoid any risks of damaging our natural hair.
Step 1:  Choosing your weave
When I first decided to put in a weave as always I thought about what style would not only compliment my face but something I would enjoy having in. I had done the afro kinky weave once but did not enjoy. I decided to try it once again and do it about above my shoulders. I love it!
Step 2: Synthetic and natural weave
When choosing between the two if you are going for more of a natural look, choose a natural weave. This will also depend on your lifestyle. I prefer to use synthetic hair if I want length on my twist or am doing braids. However, I do not keep my braids in for long as i have notice the chemicals used in these braids irritate my scalp immensely. When I spoke to a few natural ladies they said the same but there are those you have no problem with it.
Step 3: How much are you willing to spend
How much you’re willing to spend will also determine the quality of hair and the look you want to achieve There are many cheap versions that do wonders and give you your desired style. Human hair, specifically Indian Remy can be very expensive. I prefer to use this because I know I will be using it more than once and love the look and feel of it.  
Step 4: Finding a Hairdresser
Finding a hairdresser can take time; look for a knowledgeable hairdresser that specializes in natural hair. I say this because they will be able to care for your natural hair and give you tips and advice you can follow up with and do your own research to have the best results with your hair.
Step 5: Choose a Method to apply the hair
You can apply your weave by using glue, heat fusion, or sewing, braided, and bonded
Braided weave is braided along your scalp and should not be noticeable. Make sure to use heavy weaving thread to have a proper hold on your weave. The number of braided rows depends on your personal preference or your stylist. You want to be able to clean your scalp, manage your weave and stimulate hair growth in the process. Weaves can last a very long time, I tend to leave mind for the most 3weeks to a month. I like being able to deep conditioning, and do all my treatments and I tend to miss my hair.
I do not recommend using adhesive on your hair personally however many do use it. This is done by applying adhesive to the natural hair near the scalp. This can be very harmful to your natural hair, and you may be allergic to some adhesive. Make sure to test any chemical you use before apply to your scalp on a small patch of skin. I would advise you have your bonded weave remove by a professional to avoid and damage. Fusion weaves are done using hot wax, I have not tried this method but this does give your hair a more natural look, because your hair appears to be growing from the scalp.

Step 6: Caring for the weave
Care for your weave as if it is your natural hair. Wash your hair and weave, your weave can become brittle and dry because it is not attached to your head and cannot receive and of the body’s naturally nourishing oils. Our natural hair can also become dry and brittle if it is not washed, conditions and moisturized on a regular basis. Make sure to clean your scalp and deep condition your hair. Be careful if you choose to blow dry and curl your natural weave.

What to know
Always wash your hair and deep conditioning it before apply an extensions to your hair, make sure to pay special care to your ends
Apply your extensions loose not to pull at your edges or cost pre-mature balding
Comb through your weaves using your fingers
Make sure weaves are not too heavy on your scalp
The advantage of having a weave is your ends are protected; chemicals aren’t being used or heat.
Use oil around the braided areas to prevent the hair becoming dry and brittle
If you burn the extensions or cause damage it will remain the same until it is removed or cut.
If you do not care for your weave it will develop split ends, and unmanageable
Weaves can also collect bacteria; it is also a foreign object.
Always check to make sure your hair is not being damage by the weave especially if you want long tresses.

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Porous Hair

What is Porosity?
Hair porosity refers to the Hair’s ability to absorb moisture. It is defined by the effects that moisture had on the cortex region. It absorbs moisture based on the level of porosity. Porous Hair is determined by the condition of the hair’s cuticle layer.  Hair with low porosity prevents the penetration of the hair with moisture and is overly compact. Hair with high porosity is hair that too-readily absorbs moisture and acts as a sponge. Overly porous hair also releases moisture easily and becomes dry and is easily damaged. Acid balanced condition treatments are used to contract the cuticle layer and lock in moisture on overly-porous hair.
Porous hair soaks up whatever you put on it; hair that is porous also soaks up the humidity in the air. This hair type also releases moisture easily which causes it to become dry and easily damages. Coarse hair is regularly porous.
What to do?
To help fix this problem use an acidic rinse during every shampoo, this will help keep the cuticle strong and intact. The acidity minimizes the porousness of the hair shaft. Use conditioner and leave on as long as you can. Proteins and humectants are great for the hair shaft.
Home Remedy for Porosity
1.   Our hair is made up of protein, coating you shafts with a homemade protein treatment is a great way to strengthen your hair. Always pair your treatments with moisturizing ingredients to keep your hair from feeling crunchy or stiff.
2.   Eggs are one of the best sources of protein for the hair. Add eggs one or two depending on the length of your hair to your treatments and leave on for 30 minutes, shampoo. Honey is also a great ingredient that acts as humectant drawing moisture to your hair.
3.   Henna is an all-natural colouring treatment that coats the hair shaft. I have never used henna but have heard mix reviews on this treatment. Although it works for some it may not work for all. Make sure it is chemical free before purchasing and using. You can mix your henna with water, milk, or lemon juice until it forms a thick paste. Let it sit for 12 hours, so the dye is activated. Make sure to wear gloves, the henna can stain your hands and clothes. The longer you leave the henna the stronger the colour. Rinse your henna off with conditioner and make sure to get it all out of your hair.
4.   After shampooing and conditioning an acidic rinse will temporarily seal the cuticle of your hair, which is said to have lessens the porosity. Apple cider vinegar is a rinse used by many naturals. It is effective in removing build up. There is very little known about the how effective Apple Cider Vinegar maybe but many naturals have seemed to have amazing results using it. Mix half a cup with lukewarm water to use on your natural tresses.


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Holt Renfrew's all-Canadian show - FASHION

I love some of Holt Renfrew's stuff, here is there past fashion show this week featuring Canadian Talent

Giveaway: TGIF...Tonidaley 80 Teak Earrings

Beautiful Teak Earrings pictured below: A few weeks ago I did an interview with the beautiful Natural Toni Daley. You can check her out in the spotlight section. After much trouble with my uploads here we are. I love there nd love her work and I will b giving these beautiful pair of teak earrings away.

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If you are on facebook it is simple, when you visit the blog click on network blogs in left hand corner and your now a follow. There are also more than one way to follow!!
Question must be answered and in by 11:59pm  Date Nov 5.
Here is the question you need to answer to enter the contest: What do you love about being Natural? 
You can send all entries with the subject line: title: I LOVE NATURALLY ME and  post your comment or response in the comment box

Good Luck!!!

Ph Balance for your Natural Hair

What is Ph Balance?

Ph. Balance is a measure of the acidity of a solution. Solutions with a ph. less than 7 are said to be acidic anything greater is basic or alkaline.

Ph Balance and Natural Hair

The weather is changing again so if you’re paying close attention you will notice that for some of you your hair maybe taking a while to adjust to the change in temperatures. Our hair may also take time to adjust to the change in products as many of us may change the way we treat our hair as the temperature changes. The temperature change can make your hair too dry or too oily. Once you understand your hair it is quite simply to restore your hairs natural ph level.

Our hair secretes natural oil called sebum, which I have express is very important in our skin care and hair care from previous articles. Sebum is what maintains the moisture and balance in our hair. The hairs natural ph. balance is between 4.5 and 5.5. I have stress paying close attention to your hair because once you do this you are able to determine which products is right for your hair type. The ph scale ranges from 0 (strongly acidic) to 14 (strongly alkaline).

If you are using products like shampoos that have a high ph level, then you are stripping your hair of its natural essential oil. This allows our hair to become dry, prone to breakage and further damage.


  • If you would like to know ph level of your products here is a test:  test your products ph. strips, if your shampoo is a 4, your conditioner a 5 and your leave in a 5, add the numbers together (14) and divide by 3 you will get 4.6. Keep in mind that the hair natural oil has a ph. of 4.5 -5, that is your goal.
  • Add Apple cider vinegar into your regimen to restore a smooth, stronger look and feel of your hair, ACV will restore the hairs ph. balance.
  • Dilute your shampoo with water so it does not strip your hair
  • Remember a slightly high ph level in a shampoo can act as a clarify to remove product build up. A low ph level will condition the hair.

What to know
Hair is mildly acidic and closer to that of an apple cider vinegar rinse. Many hair care products we use are strongly alkaline, that is if you are still using products the same. Apple cider vinegar will not only restore ph balance but also remove build up that can result from the use of styling products and shampoos.

                                                                  Rough hair shaft

Rinsing your hair with a product to restore ph balance will close the cuticles and protect the hair shaft. This will leave the hair with a smooth surface, shiny hair, and easier to manage.

Smooth hair shaft

  • ACV does have  a slight vinegar smell when rinsing, this will disappear after your hair has dried
  • Prepare your own ready to use mix and keep it in the spray bottle, use about 1/3 to a cup of ACV and mix with water.
  • The amount all depends on the length of your hair and build-up, do not use to much ACV
  • Rinse with ACV after you shampoo.
  • ACV can be used once or twice a week.

source: ezinearticles, ehow,

Naturally Inspired Protective Styling: Braids

When it comes to protective styling I am a proud adovcate of protecting your hair especially in changing weather temperatures. Our ends needs the most protection and condition to restore moisture as they are the oldest part of the hair. If you want long natural hair you have to protect your ends. This will prevent you from having to constantly trim your ends. Remember to continually restore mositure to yur hair by conditioning regularly, using essential and carrier oils, leave-in daly condition, co-wasing, hot oil treatments and protective styling. These are the main treatsment need to a healthy start and maintenance of natural hair.

Below are a few ideas to spice up your style: These photos are all found on tumblr, please advice if you would like credit if you see yourself, they are beautiful!!



DARE TO WEAR LOVE-Fashion Fridays

If you live in Toronto Ontario, Canada and your looking for something fun to do tonight and support a great cause Dare to Wear Love is having a fasion show to support the Stephen Lewis HIV/AIDS foundation. I remember when I attended college I actually did some volunteerwork with this organization briefly. If you would like to learn more you can visit the stephen lewis foundation site @,  you can also visit for information and tickets the event. Tickets start at 59$.

Below is a video post of there previous fashion show, Enjoy

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Andrea Lewis - Voodoo

I love this song and she also has a album for free yo can download at


When I first started writing I was about eleven. I love to write every and anything, it is such an amazing feeling to learn and grow and be able to share it. I started writing because I was so shy and quiet and it was a way to release and say what I wanted. I thank you all for tuning in day after day, I always try to think about what my readers are looking for and when questions are ask make sure to answer. It always amazes me to see the places people are tuning in from, so thank you I am humble. I took some time to write a short piece of what I am working on right now, it will soon be turned into a book. I would love to have some feedback.
I watched as he put his arms around me, and wiped the tears away from my eyes, "Baby, I love you". It seemed like yesterday when he first said those words to me. Every night he went to bed he would hold me tight and if it wasn’t close enough say "baby, come closer”. I always joked about how close he wanted me and deep down I was so happy to have a man that loved me and wanted me close to him, and kept me warm at night. On the cold nights he had a way of telling me strip naked, he’ll keep me warm throughout the night. Although I would wake up on the other side of the bed I would fall asleep right in his arms.
I had asked for a man that was loving, kind, caring and even though there were things I could do without he was absolutely worth putting up the fight for. The minor things I could live with.
His arms came up quickly as he changed his shirt and I remembered the first time I saw his body and what I had thought, well, I wanted to kiss every spot covered by melanin, trace his lips on mine and watch as he responded with a kiss on my neck, and lips. Right in that moment I wouldn’t be able to stop so the night would end with us in each other’s arms.
There was always a surprise something new to learn and right then and there I knew he wasn’t the average man. He reminded ambitious and always on time, keeping me near his heart. It made the ones who didn’t stand a chance cringe when they saw us together “what, I thought you didn’t want a girl”, I said the same thing “I’m happy alone”. So no more games, no more playing around we fell in love, the sweetest way. Six weeks later he knock on my door said “get out of bed, I got something to say, I love you baby and am here to stay”.
See, that is the love my grandfather used to say that a black man will love his woman. So after I have gone through all the men that threw me away, the ones I wished I never knew, the ones I said goodbye too. I find peace with him. I often wish I found him first. I wonder if his maturity came with age but whatever it was he was sent for me. So yes I hold him tight, cause when he runs his arms down my spine, kiss me on my forehead, holds my hand so tight, protect me from the world and looks into my eyes, I am complete knowing my love isn’t in vain.
When I hear him whisper my name “baby you okay” and with the same reply “I’m okay baby, you okay”, I don’t mean to sound in the skies but, have you ever had that kind of love? I mean the one that makes you wonder if you were ever in love.
I watched as he put his arms around me and wiped the tears away from my eyes. “I love you”


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Exfoliation: My skin's healthy glow

                                                           source: blackgirlsrock

Why do I have a dull complexion?
Some causes of a dull complexion include but are not limited to:
  • Wind, sun, humbidity, temperature changes
  • Lack of essential vitamins
  • Slow blood circulation
  • Stree and tiredness
  • Smoking 
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Eat plenty of foods rich in fatty acids (walnuts, salmon, chicken)
  • Dull complexion can be a sign of essential fat deficiency.
The best way to brighten a dull complexion is to exfoliate your face at least twice or once a week. The dead skin that is left on your skin when you do not exfoliate gives the skin the appearance of a dull and lifeless look. When you exfoliate not only do you remove dead skin cells but you also remove excess sebum tat causes the pores to clog. If you produce to much sebum and you do not exfoliate this will result in blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and acne. This clogs the sebaceous pores which results in the frequent breakouts.

How to exfoliate:
Scrub using a gentle circular motion.
Do not exfoliate your skin for more than 2 to 3 minutes.
Make sure your exfoliate is appropriate for your skin type.
Make sure it does not contain harsh chemicals.
Avoid contact with sensitive areas such as the eyes.
Do brightening face mask once or twice a week to correct pigmentation irregularities and prevent the appearance of further discolourations. This mask can be left on for about 10 to fifteen minutes.
Massage your face to improve blood circulation. This should be done every day once a day after you have rid your skin of makeup and dirt. Massaging the skin will remove the unattractive fleshiness, tightens tissues and muscles and increases blood circulation which is essential for a radiant skin.
Steam your face once a week to help loosen debris embedded in the skin. When you steam the face you widen the clogged pores and soften the skin to cleanse away impurities: traces of makeup, dust, sebum and dead skin cells.
Drink plenty of water to keep your skin and body hydrated.
Make sure that your skin is clean and well moisturize when applying your makeup products.
Exercise daily to improve blood circulation and metabolism.
Remember to exfoliate the skin after you have cleansed the skin, whether it is on your face or body. Do not over exfoliate your skin, this will allow the skin to dry and cause wrinkle development overtime.
DIY Exfoliation:
Oatmeal Scrub

2tbsp of oatmeal
2tbsp of brown sugar
¼ cup of milk
Mix into a paste and gently scrub your face, rinse and moisturize. You can also apply a toner to your face and then moisturize for better results.
Brown sugar and Honey scrub
2tbsp of brown sugar
1tbsp of honey
Mix into a thick paste and apply to face, gently massage, rinse, tone and moisturize.

Honey is a natural moisturizer, apply a thin layer of honey all over the face and wash it off with tepid after 15 minutes.

If your skin is oily you also have to moisturize, it is not just for dry skin. Skin that is moisturized regularly has fewer lines, a smooth texture, less flaking and radiates a healthy glow once taken care for. In humid weather be careful of the amount of moisturizing and when to moisturizing your skin.

Mask for your skin

A homemade mask is a great way to improve the skin; it is also a great way to relax. I highly recommend lemon juice when looking to lighten your skin as a natural alternative to even your skin tone. It works wonders. Below are a few recipes to help you get started to a healthier glow.

Lemon juice, flour, turmeric power- Mix together to form a paste, Apply all over the face, let the paste dry and then rinse. The acid in the lemon juice treat dark spots on the face. Lemon juice will also leave a tingling sensation on the face. Turmeric powder brightens the look of your skin.

Lemon Juice Mask

1tbsp rice powder
1tbsp corn flour
Few drops of lemon juice
Add water
Mix into a paste and apply all over the face, gently massaging in a circular motion, leave on for a few minutes, rinse, tone and moisturize.

I got the brown sugar recipe from themoptopmaven and she also had a great recipe for a toner it is green tea and apple cider vinegar mix together. It is as simple as make plain green tea and mixing the apple cider vinegar together in a spray bottle. When you are ready to use it just spray on the face and you’re done.

Exfoliation has helped my skin get rid of dead cells, and acne which I got throughout the summer. Using natural remedies I was able to gain my complexion back and get rid of the acne. It happened so quickly just by changing the way I cared for my skin and learning so much about my skin, and skin type I was able to see results in a few weeks. I hope this helps if you have skin problems as this may not be the end all and be all you might require more changes whether it’s your eating habits or makeup. You can find more articles Click Here

Stay Beautiful



Coco and Breezy - Around Lincoln Center Day 2 - Spring 2011 MBFW

Who is Coco and Breezy?

Originlly from Minnesota they moved to New york in order to pursue theit dreams of designing clothing. They need some unqiue eyewear and that is where they began designing their eyewear. They did not know their eyewear woul actually be the hit from the collection. Since then they have been wore by Ashanti, Nicki Minaj, kelly Rowland, and Serena Williams just to name a few. There new line 20/20 can be found @

Their line of eye wear is made from everything from chains, to studs. A style on their own, they are able to create and reinvent any item they please to fit there vision . There over the top sunglasses is inspired by everything from eachother to what they see. Below is a few pics and collection

photo by: Eliesa Johnson

New Coco and Breezy line

When life Just becomes too much to handle...An Inspirational Message to start your day

The quit your job part not everyone can up and leave just because they dont like their jobs, when you have family and bills to pay it becomes complicated...overall it s a good message....

source: blackgirlsrock

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Willow Smith - Whip My Hair

(HD) Kanye West - "Power" 10/2 SNL (

Say what you want but he is very creative in everything he does!! ThatI ca respect him for!!

Black Dolls

I came across these dolls and thought I share it with you guys. I especially love the fros! Enjoy!!

source: angelic dreams dolls, ravey rai, chocolate vixxen, beautifulbliss