Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fusionofcultures: Art Deco Nails

I have been watching this youtuber for the longest while and am so in love with literally am a personal stalker of all her videos. Anyways guys I will be trying this today and I thought I share this with you. How much fun is this....for now


Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So lately I have been looking for easy classic natural hair styles I found some amazing ways to not only protect your hair but to add volume, and interest to your look.  

Natural weaves

 I love this easy to go to styles because I can blend my hair with the weave effortlessly

I love this easy to go to weave, if you have any questions leave you comments below or check out my youtube video on this made early this year CLICK HERE you will find answers to many questions you have on my youtube as well!!

Up dos

 This is one of my personal favourites and definitely plan to try this in the future!!


I found this great video and this looks so gorgeous it"s definitely something to try

 Luka Lomi- Up do Volume


Remember to be creative with your styles and take good care of your hair.

  • Water is your best friend, dont run from it your hair loves it.
  • Protect your ends to retain length
  • Use oils that will provide protection check out my articles in the natural hair guide CLICK HERE FOR CARRIER OILS and CLICK HERE FOR ESSENTIAL OILS for more.
  • Try new styles and have fun, our hair is versatile so it;s okay to twist, turn, just dont pull to tight
  • Protect your edges by keeping them loose with your styles

Come back again!!



Music xoxo: Theophilus London, Solange, The Weeknd

I am in love with song featuring solange it wakes me up in the perfect bliss!! Music is the one thing that makes feel emotional relieved when I feel like th walls are coming down on me. It has always been this way, writing, singing, art, all the creative ways that calm my soul and allows me to breathe again. I hope yuou guys enjoy this...

And finally am in love with The Weeknd they are fricken amazing!!!!

Ms Hood

Friday, August 26, 2011

Style Finds

Lately I been searching for things I cant find! I found my self DIY a dress, skirt, tops everything. I remember the days when my mom would make all my clothes, beautiful dresses and I have actually saved a few to be honest. My mom was one of those people that was always creating something. I guess I learned a whole lot from her. Naturally I am a creative person to, I love art, book, sewin, painting, styling, decorating. I mean anything hands on that allows me to envision creativity am on it.

I guess thats why I love doing my hair, I mean I can create anything from my hair any braided pattern, any style and if am unsure how to do it, well, a picture is all I need. I wont go on about me for now. I found some amazing things for you all. Enjoy!!

Motel Rocks

I came across this great site, I love unique creations. Even tho summer is done I love love anything that has to do with summer, That means fashion too!

I love playsuits

I love tops

They are all really affordable!!


I love this site and what she has to offer. I am a lover of anything unique and creative and I love studs. I came across this amazing shop on esty check out some of her stuff.

Taylor Series - Button Earrings Umbrella - Button Earrings Polk-a-Dot - Button Earrings Fana - Button Earrings

Click Here for more!!!


I swear this time it was not my fault. I have been without internet for over a week now!!! I honestly had to laugh at myself when the technician was done because it was so simple and my mistake. I guess that's why he is there. So here goes I finally finished the video, am learning so much and of course watching lots of videos!! So I made it a promise to save up for a professional camera and really bring some quality videos for you guys. I didn't mention am sick, so sick, but am at war with this cold. I wont let it get the best of me!! So as promise I will be posting it later today along with a few articles. If you have an questions or things you wanna know leave a comment or email me

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Answered: Box Braids Questions

This was taken two months after

What kind of hair should I use for box braids?
You can use 100% kanekalon jumbo synthetic hair

Are the waist length box braids heavy?
Yes they can be very heavy, especially if lots of hair is used. If they are done small try to use less hair but done in a way that still compliments you.

How do you deep condition?
I deep condition by applying my home made deep treatment to my hair for a few hours and simply rinsing the braids, wash and air dry. I use very little shampoo, constantly spritz them with water, used a leave in treatment a few times a week. I do not use product in my hair every single day! (Personal preference) I rather use water or light oil like coconut oil. I also used apple cider vinegar to remove any build up.

How long can they stay in?
I kept mine in for three months, if they are done really neat they can actually last this long. I had every little build up to my surprise.

How long do they take?
Mines took about 8 hours to complete and were waist length. I did them while watching TV, walking around but they general take anywhere between 8-10 hours if done the way I did them. If you have someone who can braids fast it may take a short amount of time.

Do they damage your hair?
My hair actually grew in, including my edges which have grown in the most in my life. I remember I use to say don’t have baby hairs; well let's just say yes I do. My hair grew about an inch and a half to my surprise. The expected rate it should grow. My braids weren’t tight but tight and neat enough to last three months.

Are they considered a protective styling hair method?
I believe they are your ends are protected for a long period of time. You have to be every gentle with your hair. Do not manipulate them too much, or pull on them. I wore mine down and out. Simply because it was really heavy in a bun, or high pony!

How did you sleep with them?
I put them into a bun, used two silk scarves to tie it up one facing the front and the other at the back to hold it in place!

Were you able to work out with them waist length?
Yes I was I simply tied them the way I tied them going to sleep up in a high pony with to scarves one facing the front and the other facing the back.

How should I take care of them?
Since my routine maybe different, I will give you a general overview
*oil them daily
*Tie them each night with a scalp
*To prevent build up clarify your scalp and deep condition every two weeks
*Do not keep them longer than 3-4 months

How do I prepare for installment of box braids?
Deep condition your hair before you get them install, I did a protein treatments before mine and oiled my scalp.

How do I prevent the ends from unravelling?
To prevent unravelling, boil water and dip them in it. To create curled ends you braid the ends and dip them, use curling rods, or twist them. You can also glue them or flat iron them. (I prefer boil water)

Twist or Senegalese twist?
Personal I love them both. I believe they are so beautiful when done right and neat. The same routine follows for the twist.

How much do they cost?
I do mine myself so am really unsure I believe between 80 - 200$ depending on location, you would really have to call and find out. If you are my area I can always do them

*When you remove the braids, take your time to detangle your hair, use a natural oil to help with the process
*Be gentle, patient and kind with your hair
*Use a leave in or daily oil to moisturize your scalp
* Do not neglect your hair because it is in braids
*If you edges are weak you may not want to braid them to tight.
* Do not do them to tight or play with them to much!
* Remove build to prevent damage and prevention of your growth cycle

If you have any questions, tips or anything I missed feel free to add them or add your questions?
As always thank you for stopping by

xoxo MS H
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Stay tuned for my video posted later today on my box brads routine!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My faves Box Braids: Inspire


Suuper Loong Box Braids



I just wanted to also add that in California, we call these braids singles and the really big ones like Janet has in Poetic Justice we used to call dookie braids or just dookies.  Love the blog!  I’ve been stalking weekend! I am so getting some of the long below boobie length ones!

These photos do not belong to me if you see anything that is yours, or links to your blog/website I would be more than happy to put the link to your blog or name!!!

I hope these are inspiring to you all!


Natural Hair Event

Hello darlings, I am so excited to get back on here, I have been so busy and sad. My puppy died and yes he was so sweet all white, playful, adorable it was sad. Poor thing got so sick. For now I'll talk about why am really writing this post.

Yesterday I got the greatest BBm it was amazing, (overly excited dance) drum rollllllll!!! The Toronto Natural Hair show is here again and naturally I am so excited to attend this year. Last year was so amazing and fun. This will be my second year attending and I hope to get lots of pictures, videos and fun times for you all, not forgetting products.
Save the date

 7th Annual
Toronto Natural Hair &
Beauty Show
Sunday September 18, 2011
11 A.M. - 8 P.M.
Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

If you would like to know more Click Here_

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Faves

Summer has been wonderful but I have not done to much shopping my closest is full of my already faves, so this year I kept my shopping to a minimum and inexpensive as always

I got some crazy clogs and yes I do love them. They are comfortable high and super fun, easy and sexy. Am a vintage girl so I know they will stay in my closet and be worn with easy.

I got these from Nine West on sale for 22$. They were super expensive but because of there crazy sale I walked out smiling ear to ear. None of my friends love these but being who I am, I could care less. I love them!

My first love these colour blocking shoes from zara. I must say I wasnt to sure about these but there are so comfortable to wear and they looked stunning on my feet. These cost 100$ and on a 50% sale I got them for 50 something I believe.

Summer dress and skirts. I wore skirts, shorts, the shorter the better. I guess when you work out as hard as I did this summer, you reap the rewards so you want to show it off. That is exactly what I did. I know, but I feel no way about it. I worked hard.

White, for some reason I love white but I loved colour this season. Funny enough I didnt wear to much colour as I normally would even though my closest screams it. I love it on other people.

Box Braids, I saw them alot and really enjoy the come back of the box braids. Mine was super long but they made me feel so amazing and I spent as little time getting my hair done in the mornings. I had these in for about three months, did treatments on them every week. Thispic was taken in month two. I will definitely be revisiting these soon, maybe for winter. Advisory they can get super heavy on your head, since they are so long be prepared for some days you want to rip the out! smiles

Summer nights, is this corny to say. Well, lets just say I enjoy my summer nights. Me and the hubby playing basketball, going for walks. We arent into clubs, we rather go play pool, or watch movies, talk and chill, go downtown, shop things like that be around friends and family.
So these are some of my absolutely favourite things this summer. Share some of yours!!!

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Summer Faves: Nails

Bright nail polish, I love pinks, oranges, blues, anything bright, different and unique I want it. I fell in love this summer with neutral colours as well and even fell into crackle I got from sephora for about two weeks.

There are so many things you can do here are some videos to help you be creative

Leopard Print Nails

you can find all these videos @
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer to remember **My heart smiles***

Where do I beginning? I have been wondering where to start again with my blog. I have had such a hectic year and am so lost as to where it all went so fast. Life hits you like a brick sometimes and if your not prepared to hold on for your life well you could literally lose your mind. I have to say thanks to family and friends I made it through this year and not to get to emotional in this post, I am more happier than I have ever been. I thank God for all that I have been through because am so happy right now, am so happy y'all.

My hair

Wow, it has grown so much, I cant believe it has been a year. A whole year. I cant wait to show you guys the changes, the growth. Like I have said over and over again, am excited for two years, three years because I never knew my hair could be this healthy and I really dont think it is as hard as I once thought it would be to keep up with my treatments. It is second nature to me now. I have worn it in box braids this whole summer and I loved it so much. I wore them for about three months, it took me 8 hours they were smaller in size and yes extremely neat that I had friends saying they still look so neat dont take them out. However, I missed my hair, wanted to give it a good treatment, although I had still continued my treatments, there was still a little bit of buildup. I was actually surprised at how little build up there was. I have concluded for winter it will be twist an braids. My hair grew a full inch and half I believe.

My skin regimen

If you know me very well, you know that I love coconut oil, I mean pure organic coconut oil, not the refined versions you see around most stores. The smell of real coconut oil is to die for. My skin in glowing, I had spoken to my mom about it and she manage to find the pure one at a place I never knew she would find it at WINNERS! it was only 6.99$ yea, I had the huh?? look on my face too. Naturally I had to have some.

Here is my regimen for my summer glowing skin and products used. It might help you

black soap
pure coconut oil
apple cider vinegar

Thats it. I still exfoliate with the sugar and honey scrub. I have found that this is all I need. My skin is smooth, glowing and flawless. I am not even wearing makeup anymore unless for special occassions. On my hot summer days I wear my mascara, do my eyebrows, lipgloss and am out the door. Am loving it!

My weight loss

As you some of you may have known I had a weight loss challenge, naturally because of this crazy year I got set back but yes I did reach my goal eventually to lose 20 pounds. I am 5'6 and yes I would like to lose another ten pounds. I am so use to being 130 so thats where am most comfortable. It's amazing you dont realize how much weight you gain over the years. I must admit that insanity wipe my little behind into shape. I hope your weight loss was successful as mine for those of you that joined me in the challenge that is if you remember!!

There is so much I want to share with you guys but today am going to keep it simple, short and sweet. Crazy thing my camera broke so I am looking to get a canon ti blah blah am still looking. I am seeing some great ones, since am really getting into photography and stuff I figure I invest in a good one, study alot and maybe start taking it seriously. I love it. For those of you that have asked about me, am here, for those that have keep coming back am here. Thank you for the support!!!


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