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How to Maintain your healthy skin **Summer to Fall**

Our skin changes every season especially if you live in a country like Canada. I find that my skin goes through many changes from summer to fall to winter. I can admit I have only recently figured out my skin regimen for summer. It is actually quite simple now for me. My problem is oily skin and cleaning out my pores as they can become clog due to the weather.

As summer comes to an end my focus for my skin is to also protect my skin from the harsh winter months.

Moisturize: Use cream based product to combat dry skin, for me using natural oils tends to work for me.

Cleanse gently: Use gentle cleanses to on your skin, during the winter months your skin is more likely to let you know which products are harsh on your skin. Pay attention to your skin as harsh cleanses can strip away natural oils from the skin. Use jojoba oils which is similar to the skin's natural oil to replenish your skin if it has been severely strip. Also please note that what works for others may not always work for you.

Exfoliate: This has become one of my daily routines, and so far I often here "your glowing" nt because am pregnant but becuase my skin has really flourish this summer which I hope to carry into winter. The summer months bring sunburns, chlorine and oil have dulled your complexion, exfoliating can take off some dead cells and give your skin a fresher and more radiant appearance.

*Exfoliating allows your skin’s surface to readily absorb other treatments.
Prepare for flare ups: In the fall many tend to experience flare up because skin conditions tend to go through cycles. Prepare yourself by having prescriptions and other natural remedies ready for you.

Have Sun Protection: Keep in mind that just because fall is here and you see the clouds setting in, we are in no way shape or form protect your skin UV ray damage. To prevent your skin from aging prematurely and to reduce your risk of developing skin cancer, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

So how to transition to fall

* continue to eat healthy so your skin and boby can reap the benefits, snack on almonds and fruits
* maintain an active lifestyle at least 3 times a week
* working out in the morning for at least 30 minutes will help you feel and look better throughout the day.
* Drink lots of water
* This is the time of year your skin craves hydraton
* Adding oil to your fall regimen will prevent dryness and cracking
* Exfoliate your body and hands as well again making sure not to strip the skin of essential oils.
* Use cream on oyur hands to keep them moisturized
* For your feet use a foot scrub daily to maintain smooth and soft feet.

Remember to do your research and understand your body as you would with your hair!!

Empower, Embrace


What about my face?

Recently I had to experiment with so many products for my skin mainly my face and had little to no results. It came to me that I use such great products on my hair, why not alter them for my skin. After all it is the largest organ of the body. After much research about natural products mostly organic I decided to write an article to share with you my results so far and what I have learned. Today I will focus on Honey.

Why Honey:


Honey is a Humectants it attracts and retains water. Over time our skin is exposed to harsh chemical and environmental stresses making it hard for our skin to hydrate itself. If our skin is able hydrate itself it will maintain the softness and elasticity as we age. So honey is a natural remedy if you are hving problems with  your skin and suitable for sensitive skin.


Antioxidants play a role in protecting the skin from the damage of UV rays and in aiding in skin rejuvenation. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV radiation can cause skin damage, premature aging and even skin cancer.  The natural properties of honey make it ideal for these products along with shea butter- contains natural sunscreen.

Honey and Brown Sugar Exfoliation

This is great mix for exfoliation it not only brightens your face but it leaves a smooth and soft feel to it. Honey's natural antioxidant and anti-microbial properties are great for sun damage skin, depleted skin and dry skin as it does have the ability to absord and retain moisture. Provided it is done correctly, you should see results. I wouldn't suggest you do this everyday as it is an exfoliatiant and could have reverse effects given that when mix together it does become sand like you can also use lime juice to loosen up the paste, I perfer not to however.

Things you will need:

~ 1 tablespoon of pure organic honey
~ 1 tablespoon of brown sugar (you can use more or less)
~ Half a lime ( good for oily skin)

Mix together until you get a thick paste sandy look, it does become every thick so like I suggested if you do feel like it is to thick add the lime. Once your done you can apply a warm wash cloth to your face do this 3-4 times and then this will open up your pores. Apply the paste for about 3-5 minutes and then rinse with your hands or wash cloth with cold water to close your pores. Apply a toner and then moisturize. 

Honey Moisturizer Face Wash

Things you'll need:
  • 1 tablespoon oat or rice bran
  • 1 tablespoon honey
Heat gently in microwave or on stove, stir ingredients until well blended. Apply to face while mix is still warm. Always be gentle with your skin apply in a circular motion to gently massage the skin and then rinse. Pat away any escess moisture, apply skin toner and moisturizer. 


Apple cider vinegar, green tea and water


Grapeseed oil
Shea butter

Even skin tone:

A great night cream to use is vinegar (acv) and olive oil. However do not use to much acv as it can dry out your skin.

Articles to come on skin care:
Shea butter
Carrier oils for skin care
Ayurvedic skin care
More toners and moisturizers
and the list goes on so stay tuned!!
Remember that applying essential oils to your skin, the same oils that you use in your hair you will have great results for brighter, healthier, youthful looking skin. I will cover another article on oils tomorrow!!!