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Lips, Nails & Spring

How to exfoliate your
If your like me you know that it's really hard wearing any lipstick, or lip colour for that matter. I used to be able to throw on anything on my lips and am out the door. I guess it was all the bad tthings I didnt pay attention to over the years. I believe I was about 18 or 19 when I notice I could no longer do that. O ver the years I had to find a way to really pay find things that work for me experiment with natural brands some that worked and others just to expensive to not work. I will share with you different techniques to not only exfoliate but findin the right colours for you. It's spring so have fun with colours, you'll be surprise how beautifully they work for you.

Olive oil and sugar 

Mix a bit of olive oil with sugat in a small bowl. You will have to mix until you get your desired consistency.
Gently rub the mixture on your lips, massaging in a circular motion, some people use a washcloth, or toothbrush I prefer to use my hands.
Rinse the mixture with warm water, it's okay to swallow a bit of it, it's all natural.
Remember to rehydrate the sensitive skin you just exposed by putting on your favourite lip balm to give you a soft and smooth
Other ingredients include sugar and honey, follow the same instructions as listed above.

Lip Lines
Homemade exfoliator recipes aren't the only thing you cn use for exfoliating lips. There are some excellent beauty products that do the job. Many have small microcrystals that help diminish fine lip lines and contain good moisturizing agents.
Spring lip colours

 One of my favourites for a natural flawless look is Smash box flawless which cost about 25$. It really has a beautifully tint for any dark skin women looking for that natural neutral look.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick

  • Nude-Brown: Urban Auburn, Barely Nude, Autumn, Cafe Chic, Sugar Honey, TIger Eye
  • Pink-Berry: Candy, Bois de Rose, Wildly Pink, Blushing, Pink Parfait, Sunstone, Rubellite
  • Coral-Red: Melon, Nectarine, Coral Sun, Scarlet Siren, Cherry Passion
  • Mauve-Plum: Beige, Rose Tea, Hot Kiss, Exotic Orchid, Mystic Mauve, Plum Couture, Pinkberry
Pure Color Crystal Lipstick ($24.00)
  • Pink-Berry: Crystal Baby, Crystal Pink, Rose Petal, Rose Envy, Tiramisu, Passion Fruit
  • Coral-Red: Twinkling Ruby, Ripe Papaya
  • Mauve-Plum: Plum Fizz, Berry Truffle
Maybelling also has an extensive collection of 48 swatches to choose from

Top five Spring/Summer look 2011
These colours are this year's trending colours. I remember to go with what works you and try blending your colours this works well to bring out or tone down your lips.

1) Orange
2) Pink
3) Red
4) Burgundy
5) Red Orange

I am in love the colours they have now for your nails, it's so diverse you can do whatever you like with them and wear whatever colour you wish to wear.

When in doubt go red because if your going for a bright colour red goes with every skin tone, choosing that perfect colour for you can be a dauting task but take your time and really try new things that may compliment you.

 Helpful hint: Keep in mind there is nothing more avant garde than a dark skin women wearing a shocking pink shade of lipstick. Brigth red, tomato red, carrot red add  dash of vintage glamour to dark complexions. Wearing lipstick is suppose to be fun and creative. Have fun ladies
Here are some great trending colours for spring

The Best Spring 2011 Nail Polishes

So I must admit I have a few of these colours, I have been seeing them around and pick them up a long time ago. I have been tempted to try my yellow but so afraid to, it is very bright. It is the perfect colour for spring and summer, that happy colour on your nails and can really spice up some outfits.

 Healthy nails
  • Growing healthy nails has to do with your health and protect yor nails from environmental stress.
  • Implement the right amount of vtamin B and protein into your diet.
  • Take a daily multivitamin to make sure you are getting the right amount of vitamins.
  • Wear rubber gloves  whenever you are using cleaning products, wash dishes or using any chemicals
  • Moisturize nail beds regularly with a nondrying nail lotion. Rub the lotion over the entire nail bed once a day
  • Trim cuticles once a week, soften cuticle with a cream and them trim with a clipper.
  • The pointer your nail the easier it is to break
  • Give your nail a break from the polish as often as possible, The more time they spend in the nude the less they will dry and chip
  • Avoid biting your nails
  • If you develop ridges at the bed of your nails increase your intake of vitamin B

Stronger Nails
  • Drink lots of water, it hydrates your body and keep the fingernails from becoming brittle.
  • Vitamin E oil is very good. It can be used to  repair your damaged cuticles and also help the fingernail bed

Helpful hints:
  • Always roll your nail polish to avoid bubbles in the nail polish.
  • Apply a base coat t protect your nails from the colour
  • Always start in the middle of your nail when applyingthe colour
  • You can use tape to help you from getting nail polish on your fingers

Here is some great inspiration...Happy Spring

This is a great makeup idea for that bright mettalic look

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Toronto Fashion Show 2011

Toronto LG Fashion week Kicks off March 28 to April 1

I am reallt excited it's Fashion week in Toronto, but I am going to miss it, I dont think I will be able to attend any shows and that's okay am more excited to see the collections

Juno Awards 2011

This past weekend I sat at home with my brigh pink nail polish and painted my nails as I watch the Junos. It was the 40th anniversary for the Canadian awards. The awards celebrate everything great in Canadian music.

Here are some highligths:

Drake -Old Money

The show was hosted by Drake who is also from Toronto, Canada and he did a pretty good job

Drake and Chilly Gonzales at the 2011 Juno Awards

Drake hosts the 2011 Juno Awards on March 27 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Kardinal Offishall, I am not a huge fan of this look but it's good to see people being themselves
and having fun with it.

The big winners of the night was Arcade fire who if you remember won big at the Grammy's as well.

Arcade Fire at the 2011 Juno Awards.

Wtf, yes we have crazy things that happen at our awards too!!

Deadmau5 in the 2011 Juno Awards press room.

Shania Twain was also a big winner, I liked her stuff growing up, a little hidden secret you all now know.

Shania Twain in the 2011 Juno Awards press room.

Dan Hill and Melnaie Fiona presenting at the awards, Melanie looked great!!
Dan Hill and Melanie Fiona at the 2011 Juno Awards.

All photograph was taken by Handout, CARAS

Recording artist Quanteisha Benjamin

Gallery Image

Recording Artist Silver

Gallery Image

Recording Artist Karl Wolf

Gallery Image

K'Naan won single of year

 Gallery ImageGallery Image

Recording artist Keisha Chante

Gallery Image

Sun Toronto

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What's wrong with natural hair?

I would love for you all to share your experiences, and how would you handle a situation like this, and dont be share, let me know what you think? Have you ever had any comments that really caused you to respond out of the norm? What did you learn from it? How have you prepared yourself for the next unexpected comment or statement towards you?

It does not have to be just about your hair, it could be about you as a person the decisions that you make, it could be just what someone thought about you without even knowing. How do you deal with personal attacks!!

dejavunaturas xoxo

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For the love of Natural Hair

Isnt it amazing how beautiful Natural hair can be, I mean any hair can be but natural hair is so versatile that its just pure beauty at it's finest. I admired these photos for so long and I just had to share these with your all. I am not sure where this picture is from, but I came over it and absolutely fell in love with it. I love the tones in this picture they set te mood of the whole picture. If you all love it, Press the like button, it truely is Art through Inspiration


What makes you love natural hair?
Do you get annoyed by your hair?
Does the health of your hair matter than length?

I love the versatility, I love the fact that I can wear my hair straight, curly, braided out, twist outs, anything  I choose I can do. I love our hair, our texture, I believe it is one of the most precious things given to us an we should not only take care of it but love it. I do believe that what you choose to do with your hair is your business.

I will never look down on anyone that is not natural because I loved straigthening my natural hair at one point almost every day. This obsession with heat on my hair is what sparked my natural hair breakage and I decided to go on this healthy journey instead. My hair is growing back quite quickly and alot more healthier. I love the way that my hair feels, I am able to manage it so much more effectively.

Yes I do get annoyed something, I feel so bad for saying that but it's true. I try to keep in mind why I went on this journey and it's like any other journey you have to stay focus and remember what you want your ends results to be. My dream is to one day rock a fro so big it blocks so many people in a crowd. lol. is that rude...well no literally but I just have this vision of my hair. I

It isnt just about length for me, it's about health as well more importantly thats why most of my products are homemade and organic. My diet ties into my hair, health and body, so I have choosen to live the best way not just my hair. I think it would be crazy for me to put avocadoes in my hair but never eat them. There good for your hair, there good for your body,  I want a healthy big fro. I have never had hair long that my shoulders, so am looking to grow it longer than that. I think I really want to prove something to myself that I can grow long hair. For now I wait patiently as I watch my hair grow and enjoy my journey.

Empower, Embrace, Create, Unite

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Black Castor Oil

This is one of my favorite staples products in my hair product list. it has done amazing things for my ends and my hair. I have to be careful with this product however because my hair is thick and this product tends to thicken your hair. I was very excited when I found this product in my local Jamaican store, and they had the black pure castor oil. Inexpensive and exactly what I needed. I do not use the clear castor oil, I just prefer to use the the pure unrefined version. I want you all to do your research if your looking for the pure one because some stores may say it's the pure black castor oil but it really isnt, so be careful.

Many manufacturers add colouring to the castor oil and place a label on it saying black castor oil. Black castor oil has a distinct smell and this is one way you can tell apart the real from the fake.

For your Natural Hair

Castor oil can be used for so many different purposes it is an ancient rememdy that was brought from Africa to Jamaica. Black castor oil can cleanse toxins from your scalp, nourish ad thicken the hair, stimulate hair growth, moisturize dry brittle hair.

I use castor oil in many of my homemade hair care products, and I do not think I will ever stop. The great thing about this oil is that you really dont need to use that muc of this product a little goes a long way because it is so thick.

Black Castor oil is great for the ends of you hair, try applying this t your leave in conditioner for me it works.

Keep in mind that Jamaican black castor oil is raw and unrefined which means it has grow through less processing and contains more nutrients.

Benefits of Castor Oil

Omega-9 fatty acids which help moisturize the hair and the scalp preventing both from becoming dry, great for cleansing the scalp and protecting your ends.

Helps promote thicker, and fuller hair over time

Helps reduce and preventing damage

Helps to thicken hair that is thinning out and fragile

Castor oil is great even when mixed with other oils and applied to conditioners and shampoos. Try mixing it with sweet almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil these all work to reduce its thick consistency.

Recipe for thinning hair

Do no apply to much castor oil to your hair it canbe diffuclt to remove it is very thick but this will work if your starting your natural journey and would like to grow thick and healthy hair

  1. Apply to the scalp and roots of your hair.
  2. Put on a plastic cap
  3. Sit under your heating cap for 15 mins or  Wrap your hair in a towel
  4. Let the castor oil sit in your hair overnight, or a few hours
  5. Shampoo your hair to remove the treatment making sure to get your scalp clean,
  6. Use a conditioner like Giovanni (my favourite) leave on for 20 mins to as long as you desire, rinse
  7. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar, great for restoring the ph balance of your scalp
  8. Apply for example leave-in
Be aware that you will not see results with trying it first for a period of time. This may take about two months to really notice that your hair has grown and thicken. I say two months because our hair grows at a rate of 1/2 and inch to an inch every month. By the second months end you will be able to notice your hair growth alot more from where you started

  • Take picture so you track your progress to see if it works well for you
  • Keep a hair journal, reminding you of your treatments, this is will for anyone just starting their journey
  • Be patient! nothin happens over night but the results are rewarding

Okay naturals for now thats all, if you have any questions any concerns with your hair let me know. I am always looking for the next best thing to talk about. I enjoy responding to all my emails, I really do, it lets me know my readers are loving it as much as I am. Thank you guys for the continued support....

Love naturals
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Spring Trends 2011

Spring is almost here, well it's here but I know yesterday I saw 5cm of snow on the fall. I get so sad when it snows especially this time of year because I miss summer at this point, I miss just that feeling of sun, warmth and fun. I have found some amazing things for you guys you know am always on the look out. I have some great news to am working

This spring it's all about colours and more colours am loving it. I think its the perfect way to celebrate the transition from winter to spring. On the runways we saw alot of minimalism but bold statements. Here is what I love.

Wide leg pant

For me this is a favourite because it never goes out of style, and it works in so many ways. To be honest am happy to move away from the skinny jeans and jeans, I dont even where jeans anymore. These come in so many colours.

Maxi dresses and skirts

These bright coloured maxis are a great way to add colour to your life. Marc Jacobs have introduced these almost maxi dresses to his line and they seem to be really catching on and a perfect way to standout.

Maxi sheer dress

I am not sure if am ready for this one yet but some can be cute and those that choose to wear it. As for the skirts I dont think that is something I would ever try, I dont see myself fitting into that style but I have done stranger things and wore what I wanted.

see through maxi dress

I love this look it's not for me but she always seem to have some interesting looks, am not sure, she is from style pantry,  she is always wearing her style her way.

70s inspired pieces

Oh how I love it love it love it.
I am really loving the 7s inspired pieces I am seeing on the runways and in stores this spring.
There are some amazing pieces you can put together and add to your wardrobe, so many of these you can transition right into summer and thats always great

marc jacobs summer 2011

marc jacobs spring 2011

marc jacobs 2011 fashion show

I was going to continue this post with with more pictues but I watch these videos and I thought it's better if I share it

What do you think? What will you be adding to your wardrobe, remember to have fun and really enjoy your stye and how you wear it. Fashion should also be about you and how you feel.

Love your style

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New youtube video

I just post a fun video, I had said I wasnt ever going to do hauls but I always try to make my readers happy. I hope you guys enjoy it just follow the link below for more videos to my channel you can follow me on there as well.

Trinidad Carnival

I am Trini and could not be more happier with this year Soca Monarch performance by Machel Montano. I love soca grew up listening to it, I grew up in Trinidad so I really enjoy it. I want to introduce some of my readers to my world, I hope you all enjoy and I hope to go back home soon for Carnival

Here is the Official Video for Machel Montano- Advantage.
In Trinidad and the soca world he is the best of our times and in my opinion the best soca artist to have ever take the stage.

Here is his soca Monarch performance
I am so proud to be Trini

Until Next time Naturals!!! xoxo

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Perfect Twist Outs

I know many of you are experimenting with your styles, trust me I am too. My hair is growing and am so excited because I can see it more than I have in past months. It grows between 1/2 an inch to an inch every month. That is the rate it is suppose to, although I often wanted it to grow faster, I am being patient and diligent. Today I am going to share my step by step guide to achieving that perfect twist out. I dont do twist outs to often because I wear weave for the winter time, but summer is coming and I am sure I will be wearing lots of it.

You can achieve that perfect hair styles with practice, you may not get it exactly right at first but over time it does become easier. My hair is easily defined whether it be twist outs or braids outs. I notice I have a problem with achieving those styles. I do not use any products more than my leave-is I make to get that defined look.

Step by Step Guide

1) Start with clean and damp hair

I find that this look is better when you start your style off with clean washed and condition hair. Make sure that your hair is thoroughly detangled and soft. I have notice that Giovanni works amazing at detangling my hair. I love it, it has become one of my staple products in my hair care journey.

2) Divide your hair into 4 to 6 sections or as many as you choose.

3) Separate hair into sections as you apply your leave-in products, shea butter mix or cocoa butter mix makes you hair soft and perfect for that finished look you want.

Make sure to focus on the ends of your hair, do not use alot of products in your hair. If you plan to keep your twist in or refresh them in the night before you go to bed you do not want alot of build up in your hair and scalp at the end of the week

4) Twist you hair using two strands going back and forth until you have come to the ends of your hair. Repeat this step for the rest of your sections. Your twist do not have to be small, they can be at any size but shouldnt take you a long time unless you want a different look or to wear your twist small.

5) Allow your twist to completely dry and set. Do not put your scarf on unless your hair as dried to prevent frizziness

I usually sleep over night with them and take them out the next day. You can get the best results when your hair has dried

6) Apply drop of oil in your hands as you separate your twist, be extra careful as to not disrupt your curl pattern.

*coconut oil
*vatika oil (I will do an article on this tomorrow)
*jojoba oil
*or a blend of oils

Make sure to use dime size amount as to avoide products build up and a greasy look.

7) Separate your hair into smaller sections after you have separate your intial twist.


Make sure to cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf at night to protect your hair
Natural air is easier to style when wet or damp
use a styling product that works well for your hair
Pay attention to the products that are listed in your products
Use a hair butter or hair balm on your ends to seal in moisture
Stay away from using mineral oils for more information on natural oils Click here

Empower, Embrace, Create and Unite

xoxo Shoes***2011***

 My Love for shoes especially this year has grown alot, I am so excited to experiment with shoes and really fall in love with what I am wearing. I plan to reinvent my self does that sound to much?...I hope not but I am
a grown woman now, sometimes I still feel like a kid to be honest, I love life so much and have made it a conscious staple in my mind to really enjoy myself this year, and not let the little things bother me. Smile, do fun things, enjoy life.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 polka-dot pumps
Christian Louboutin **120 polka dots pump**

Christian Louboutin **120 studded denim pumps

This spring and summer I am all about lots and lots of colour. If you have read my other blog posts about my love for shoes you know that I love shoes. I love shoes. Here is a few pieces you could just fall in love with....

Christian Louboutin Altadama Watersnake Platform Pumps
Chrisitan Louboutin skyhigh blue heels

Gold studs blue Christian Louboutin peep-toe
Christian Louboutin gold spike peep-toe pumps

Declic 120 suede pumps-Louboutin Christian-pink stiletto
Chrisitan Louboutin fuchsia suede pumps

YSL-Tribtoo suede pumps-green-stiletto
Yves Saint Laurent green suede pumps

Greek Shoe Designer Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias Green Stiletto Peacock

These are by greek designer Vassilis Emmauel Zoulias

Miu Miu -Suede platform pumps-Violet
Miu Miu ***vivid violet hue platform pumps

Brian Atwood***Lime green and Orange

Brian Atwood Lime Pump

Brian Atwood Stiletto Orange Pump

Let me know what is your favourites for 2011, I am always searching for great shoes, it does have to been a big brand name you can find some local amazing designers and stores that carry great shoes.