Friday, May 23, 2014

Welcome to spring!! Fashion Friday is Back

Lately I have been in a fenzy looking for everything unique that can spark my interest.

I used to be so unique with my style and for a while I took a step back to focus on more important. Recently I had a look at my wardrobe and realize, THIS ISNT EVEN MY STYLE!!

When life hits you, sometimes it takes away the things in life you love to do, enjoy and can really refocus your mind. Now, I know that isnt the most important piece of who I am, but I enjoy dressing up. Whether its a relax day, or a party dress, summer wear or fun hair do I love it all. So what AM I TRYING TO SAY? Well, don't lose who you are throw the storm! Sometimes life can get so demanding that you lose yourself in the storm. I think this happened to me over the years. I lost alot of my creativity, my will to write more often, more desire to dress the way I normally would with my unique style and love for colour. I lost a lot of me. However what I went through I wouldn't have changed it for a minute because it thought me wisdom, brought me love and brought me back to life.

 Let's get into MY Fashion Tips for Spring:

Statement pieces are a must this spring. I have yet to find my perfect piece in stores, however I plan to keep looking until I find that gem.

Play with textures, and patterns to spice up your look. Patterns and textures done in the right way can really make an outfit

Welcome to spring!!

Colour is everything, I love colour, especially since it felt like winter is ongoing. Have a little fun this spring.
Just chill

For the days when you just want to relax but still look cute, this is something I would definitely wear maybe the jeans wouldnt look so much of a ripped mess, but you get the idea.

Watch me

Estradeur tall shirt
$17 -

Silver metallic skirt

Givenchy handbag

Nocturne blue beaded jewelry
$380 -

What are some off your favourite colours, styles and looks this spring.

Soon I will be posting pics of my outfits as well!! Enjoy 


Thursday, May 22, 2014

My 3 year Natural hair journey

Here is an update on my journey, it has been an interesting year for me and my hair. I cut alot of hair off if you look back my two year you can tell. However it was required and I am glad I did. My goal in 2014 is to grow back that length and more. I have implemented a regimen that is very consistent and strick

My 2014 Hair regimen:

*Regularly deep conditioning once a week
*Protein treatments every 3 weeks
*Spritz scalp with water every night
*Deep scalp massages and I also pray over my hair
*I also do the LOC method to prevent dry ends and brittle hair
*Protective styling
*No more heat applied to my hair this year
*Healthy eating and workout
*Trimming my ends
Applying heat to my deep conditioning treatments using a heating cap
*Greenhouse method. Please click here For information on this method

Thats all folks


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

No more Edges??? Say Hello to new and improve: How to grow your edges back!!!

I hear it all the time, my edges are so damage, Stans, how do I grow them back?

To say there is an easy solution is not the answer because it may just be different strokes for different folks. What I am trying to say is what works for me may not work for you, however there is a census on some overall tips that might just help you.

Let's start with a few oils, tips and tricks:

Monday, May 5, 2014

Update on my hair, life and channel ***Marley Twist***

It\s Monday and I have an update for you guys. I will most definitely try to post more videos on my youtube channel. I really have a great routine now and I think it might just work. Happy Monday


Friday, May 2, 2014

Introducing the sexy: LIME OIL *** Hair Care & Skin Care ***

After watching a few videos on Youtube and making my detangling potion made of Aloe Vera gel and water, I decided to add just a bit of essential oil. I went over to my local health food store and smelt over ten oils from: hibiscus, eucalyptus, orange, lavender and I came across lime oil. I was intrigue so and  must admit it was so intoxicating. I instantly fell in love. If you have never smelt the natural fragrances I mean the pure essentials oils you must.

So, What is lime oil? 

Lime oil is an essential oil and like many essential oil serves a great benefit when mix with many carrier oils. As shown in the picture above it is derived from limes. I experimented with Castor oil and lime oil for my hair care, often times I would add argan oil. My most effective results was mixing argan oil and lime oil to combat my sudden breaks which I am most cetain was caused by stress.