Monday, December 15, 2014

Part 2: Winterize my Natural Hair Care

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Today's discussion is on protective styling

* Protective Styling

It is important to know what styling method works for your hair best. I have 4b-4c hair I believe which contributes to the many  tangles my hair can get from being exposed to the elements.
 ~wigs, clipins, braids, twist

* Nourish your Body : make sure to eat healthy, fruits and vegetables are your friend

* Moisturize daily or when your hair needs to be restored.

* Maintain a clean scalp

It is vital to have a clean scalp for maximum hair growth. Our hair grows out for our scalp so it is very important to make sure it is not a breathing ground for infections, product build and other preventative ways to hinder hair growth.

*Apple Cider Vinegar
~restores shine
~helps with detangling
~used to balance ph of your hair scalp

*Aloe Vera Gel
~can be used in your leave-ins
~used to help with detangling as well

* Detangling : I have realize that my hair must be detangled and stretch at all times to eliminate knots, and tangles, for this reason my hair stays in a protective styles 99% of the time. Hair that is thoroughly detangled helps with styling.

* Deep conditioning
~keep it regular
~Hair that is deep condition regularly is easier to manage

* Leave-ins : Kinky Curly Knot today

*Jamaican Black Castor Oil
~carrier oil must be diluted with an essential oil or used lightly
~is best used in leave-ins, and the ends of your hair and in Hot oil treatments when mixed with other carrier and essential oils.

*Grape Seed oil
~carrier oil that is very light and can be used on your hair and scalp and adsorb more quickly into your hair scalp

*Shea Butter

What you should invest in:
~applicator bottles
~regular treatments
~sulfate free shampoo

* Be gentle with your hair when detangling and protective styling. It will thank you later

Friday, December 5, 2014

Black Lives Matter

Welcome back to my blog beautiful!

This week was filled with exams and very eventful to say the least, but I am back! I apologize for the absent post I have been doing a lot of revamping, studying for exams and evaluating what I want for this blog and my life. 

I wanted to touch on this briefly the Michael Brown case, and so many men that have lost their lives this way. First let me say how deeply sadden I am to see another black man being taken away from the world in this matter. I can only imagine what hurt the parents must feel.

I  had to look at this is so many angles, sit back think, analyze and this is what I came up with. Some of you may agree or may not agree. Growing up I knew very quickly I was different, that my hair was kinky, that I was dark skin. I really was and has always been in love with who I am, However society not so much, see somewhere along the lines we forgot to educate our people, not the books they gives but education on who we are, what we stand for and the importance of unity.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Karida hair update + 1 month review + How I tackled tangling

How to "Winter-ize" your Natural Hair care

This was the first year since becoming a "healthy natural" (I have been natural my whole life), that my hair has experience such harsh treatment. I have dye it, cut it, dye it again and sometimes neglect it due to my busy schedule. 

The constant change in weather meant it was time to amp up my hair care, and for me being a Natural with 4b,c hair, protective styling is my go to. My hair does not respond to being out in the cold win or harsh sun. This year my protective style of choice is wigs, braids, twist, and keeping it simple. 

Protective Styling: Why wigs? Braids? or Twist?

For me these methods have been my protective styles of choice, most recently wigs.  I started wearing wigs two years ago and they have truly been an amazing journey, I love the freedom to switch up my look, protect my hair and still play dress up if I feel like it. These protective styles allow your hair to have a rest period, allowing many naturals to retain length and refrain from being exposed to the harsh climate changes of many countries. 

How long do you wear your protective style for?