Friday, January 29, 2016

My Flawless Everyday Simple Makeup look | CHOCOLATE SKIN FRIENDLY ) | F...

I love when Friday rolls around because it means the weekend is here. Although my weekend seems to be getting shorter and shorter as I get older, I make it a point to enjoy the hell out of them. Whatever you were doing this week, I hope it went well. Today I posted an easy flawless makeup look on my youtube channel, I'd love for you all to check out. It is so hard trying to manage all I do, but I am going to be on Top of everything.

Regular post will start this Monday on both websites. I will go into more details about the blog on
Monday and the website, I left out official dates and more information I do need to share with you all.
Thank you so much for your support and have an amazing weekend.

xo - Stans

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Year I put everything on Hold "Limitations are self -imposed"


I wanted to start this off with a simple hair care post, but in writing it I realize that my blog has been on a very long Hiatus. Although I have posted videos, I have done no research or articles for what seems like a year. I may be correct or may not, but it's been a very long time. Let me explain!

After the passing of my mother, the unimaginable pain, the sleepless nights, 40 pound weight gain, sickness, depression, high estrogen and so much more. Oh! I cant explain how heart broken I was and how my life changed so quickly. I found myself lost, crying at any moment, and most importantly my life was slowly falling apart. You see, everything I had worked hard for no longer made sense to me, everything I wanted was slowly being taken away.  I could not maintain the work ethic I hard conditioned myself to maintain. It felt like my desire had died and along with it any meaning to life.

I fell into the worst depression of my life, the one that makes you want to take your life and simply send a text saying I need to go. After the passing of my mother, I wanted to die. I can speak openly about it because in 2016, I am going to  change someone's life. I made a promise to myself that this year is my year of growth and sharing.

Fast forward and depression has been muted due to a profound belief, pray and building a closer relationship with God. I was able to get much needed help and humble myself enough to say I need it. Growing up in a west indian home, you dealt with things, stay silent and kept moving forward. No one talks about mental illness and the effect it has on our community. The opposite is true, it does exist, we all need help sometimes and it is okay to ask for it.

I'll share with you a recent post I wrote on my Instagram;

▫limitations are self imposed ▫ & so I've learned to feel comfort - able in me. Learning that at different stages in my life I become more comfortable with who I am. It is @ that level of comfort that allows me to write so clearly and speak clearly in my convictions. The best gift I gave to myself was ▫confidence▫ see I mastered the art of loving me & maybe to some that doesn't mean takes confidence to accomplish dreams, and even in those moments of insecurities you have to be confident to keep moving forward ▫ & even in the moments where you experience heart break you keep on moving... yes it's confidence but more importantly ▫strength ▫in this year of growth, i have all that I need ▫The presence of those I love does not take away from me but adds value ▫ & so I choose not to over look what I have been blessed with. Instead I choose to nurture and allow people into my life that will bring out the best in me, the very best in me. ▫I love ▫I am love ▫Imagine being surrounded by people that bring out the most gratifying human experience ▫ life is about you changing your perspective & mentality▫creating a plan to execute your dreams ▫& envision yourself in the roles you dream of▫Be careful because the company you keep can hold you back or push you forward▫& so I'm mindful, careful and thoughtful ▫only knowing that the life I want, I get to create ▫creating a magical life 💕

Today, I can say I am in a better place my ability to write articles and get myself back on track has slowly found its way back into my life.

Thank you all for being so patient, continuing to follow me, support me, send emails and now lets continue to learn with eachother.

What's New 

The one thing that has remained consistent is my desire to grow dejavunaturals. Today you can head on over to - Dejavunaturals will continue to be a community for natural hair women and men that seek knowledge. My goals has and will always be to do as much research and find truth in the information I present to you all. - Dejavunatural will be used to inspire through stories, life experience, health, and lifestyle,  I ask you to join me on this new journey.

My schedule will be as follows :

Monday, Wednesday, Friday : Blog post @ dejavunaturals or dejavunatural

Please keep in mind these post may be videos linked to my youtube channel as well.

On Fridays I will continue to feature inspiring Natural hair women (dejavunaturals) , or inspirational stories (dejavunatural) , please feel free to contact us

Thank you for the continue support & love

Wishing you a Happy New Year and Be Bless in 2016!


Thursday, January 7, 2016


Dejavunaturals: TOP TIPS FOR GROWING HEALTHY NATURAL GROWING HAIR: Welcome back ! I have probably done an article on this topic. I am 100% sure I have, but let's revisit this topic. ...