Thursday, September 1, 2016

HOW TO | Moisturizing Dry Natural Hair | Retaining Moisture | 4B | 4C

This summer my hair has been very dry and mix that with my insides going crazy, lets just say my hair started showing those effects. Recently, I had to go back to basics, jog my memory and remember what really worked. When I first went natural, I went above and beyond with my method. I realized that this ntense method also lead to fast hair growth. Within a year my hair had grown out so much, almost to collar bone length.

So, here I am again. I cut off all my dead, dry can't be fixed hair and I am starting from the basics. In this video I show you one method that I remember worked like a charm. I am also sticking to products I know worked very well.

Let's see what happens in the next few months, I'll definitely do an update.

until next time, happy growing

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Once You Have Mastered Time, You Will Understand How True It Is That Most People Overestimate What They Can Accomplish In A Year – And Underestimate What They Can Achieve In A Decade! - Tony Robbins

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Let me tell you a story and how I changed my focus and life.

I found myself wanting more out of life and wanting to create that more. At first I thought it was greed, I have created this amazing life for myself. I have accomplish and keep working hard to make things possible. So, what is it? What is that missing feeling?!

We often under estimate the amount of things we can accomplish in a day. I wasn't being greedy for wanting what I deserve and I have time in my day to balance it all. The most important part of my day is the list that I make. This starts with my planner and [If you don't have a planner, get one!] Thank me later! 

I find that I am less restless, frazzled and able to accomplish more with my day. The days I just wing it, well I spent more time thinking about my to do list, than being productive. 

I learned many years ago, possibly from a speech. I did not want to work very harder [that would mean over working myself to illness!], I wanted to work smarter! I met a millionaire and I never forgot any of his lessons. Let's just say his 10 minute speech changed my life. I remembering him saying work smarter, not harder. Like many of us, he was also raised to believe you work hard and eventually your money would just multiply. That is not true! 

Working for someone else will never make you rich, [well, unless your making millions in one year, I guess!] , you have a better chance at building an empire of your own. Who wouldn't want to have a successful empire of there own? This is a relative question because many people prefer a simple life.

So how can one master time effectively to get what you want out of your life? Happiness? Money? Travel?

By knowing what you want, using it, changing your focus and having enough reasons to follow through. You ever wonder how someone comes from nothing and creates this amazing life for themselves. Many times it is because they don't want to live in poverty, be homeless, get out of an area, they have reasons to follow through.

I used to ask my self what do I have to do? How can I get it done? Where? when? how? Now I see the results first, by doing this I create questions that fuel me differently. 

I know ask myself; What's my outcome? what's my desired result? 

This changes my focus of the hustle and bustle of getting things done, to what is going to make me happy. 
I no long focus on fear, pain or temporary relationships. This is more of a spiritual focus! Making a plan for your life is essential because if you don't you will fit into everyone else's plan. 

This ladies and gentle was the realization I came too. I spent many time listen to many speakers, spiritual leaders and when you change your focus, you change the emotion attached to time. I realize I kept making promises to myself, promises I never kept. Tony Robins said "This inability to see through your promises meant your confidence would often be affected in other areas". A statement that is very true to this day. 

That overwhelming feeling was what my focus was on. Creating change for your life is a matter of motivation, drive and a strong enough reason. The mind focuses on what you feel, and what you focus on negative or positive gives you those exact results -negative+ positive/.

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Monday, August 29, 2016


I decided to make some much need changes in my video. I did not just want to start pushing out videos, with out a heads up as to what was going on. I realize I definitely need to make more videos and take youtube a little more serious. I started this as a hubby and still love it to this day. Although, sometimes it does feel like a full-time job that I love. The love part is all that matters.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Soft Glam Summer Makeup Look | Becca & Makeup Forever foundation

Hey everyone, its been a minute since I have posted. I have however been on youtube consistenly for the past two months I would say. I have also begun doing more makeup tutorial as it is something I love to do.
My channel is changing alot and hopefully with that will come more growth.
I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday and fridays on my blogs this will be going forward.

Thank you again for the continued support and thanks for coming by again xxx

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How To: CROCHET BRAIDS w/ MARLEY HAIR ! using Janet Collection Outre E...

It's been such a long time since I have posted. I am really working on my consistency and

a schedule that is going to work for me and my viewers. Today I have a video showing you how I achieved my knotless crochet hair style, it was easy and a great protective style. I honestly think, this is going to be my summer style. It last for weeks and can be worn straight, curly, short or long and looks completely natural.

My favourite hair to use is by far Janet collection- remy hair because its soft and when blow dried reacts beautiful. I get irritated every easily so knowing that when it touches my skin I am comfortable is a plus! Please check out my youtube channel and follow me for more.

Thank you for your continued support.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Spotlight Friday: Natural Hair Youtubers to love and embrace

In gearing up to relaunch this blog and website, I did a lot of following, liking, reading and get myself reacquainted with the natural hair community. Although, I still have a lot of work to do, there are so many beautiful women, I came across. Many have been on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites for years and some new to the natural hair community. I also realize how much the community has change and it's good to welcome change.

There are more naturals more than ever before, whether its on YouTube or my day to day life. I am so in love with this growth and this new found love that black women in particular have found for themselves and each other. What is amazing  is that we are able to connect, motivate and share information that is beneficial to us and our natural- curly headed girls.

Over the years my journey has given me freedom to express myself and grow in a profound ways. The knowledge I have today, I never would have, had I not discovered the natural hair community. I remember endless nights searching for hair care regimens and ways to care for my hair. I never grasps any of it until I joined Youtube. Today I have knowledge that expands to my overall health and it all started with my hair.

Let me know below what your journey has been like?
Who is your favourite youtubers?
and please include any information, articles to motivate and inspire someone.

The natural hair community is greater than Dove’s mistakes
Let's Talk About Colorism In The Natural Hair Community
Is the Natural Hair Community Too Sensitive?

Here are a few beautiful women I support:

Naturally Temi

Image result for naturally temi

Naturally Temi Channel >> Click Here


Image result for ronkeraji  Image result for ronkeraji

Ronkeraji Channel>>> Click Here

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

101 Winter Natural Hair Care for the Curly girl

I miss summer, a constant statement for me and many alike when old grumpy winter arrives. The torrential snow falls and freezing weather is sometimes to much to handle. Over the years with the season change so has my winter hair care regimen. The cold months can wreak havoc on our kinks, and curls. The extreme cold weather can rid our hair of moisture, leaving it dry and brittle. However, this winter has definitely been a little bit warmer for us, not a lot of cold and snow. Although I am extremely happy, I can't help but wonder, what's going on? definitely global warming but let's explore taking care of our crown in these colder months.

Why use sulfate free shampoo:

During the winter months I find myself sticking to sulfate free shampoo. When I do shampoo my hair (which isn't very often), my goal is to retain as much moisture as possible. Sulfate free shampoos are less drying to my hair and scalp, preventing moisture loss.

What is sulfate?
  • Sulfate are detergents use to cleanse hair and scalp by cutting through dirt and grime. To provide a much clear picture imagine pouring diluted salt and water on your hair and scalp. Sulfates are salts sulfuric acid and many are prepared from that salt. 
  • The most common sulfate ingredient you will spot is lauryl sulfate (SLS) and ammonium lauryl sulfate (ASL). 


Over the last year I have tried many different methods for keeping my scalp clean and preventing moisture loss. In the hopes of finding the best method that works for me. Early on in my hair care journey, I realize that much of what I would learn about my hair would come from trail and error. That statement is still very true today, because what works for another natural head of hair, will not work for me or may.

The LOC Method

If you have been natural or just decided to take the plunge the L.O.C method is simple; Liquid, Oil and cream. Yes! in that order or any way it works for you. It has proven to work for many naturals.

LIQUID - consider this to be your moisture- water, aloe vera juice, liquid leave-in, as long as the base is preferably water based our hair loves water, and thrives on it. It only makes sense that the first step be to revitalize it, with liquid.

Oil - Think of this as coating the hair, although some natural do this method last. Whether you decided to do this before or after, our hair needs these essential and carrier oils in order to coat and lock in the moisture. I personal tend to use my oils after I have used the last method cream (leave-in)

Cream - This last step would be your leave-in (cream based). Helps to seal and lock in moisture, hold onto moisture.

This complete step will help to lock in moisture, retain healthy growing hair and prevent breakage. Repeat this step as need within the week, to prevent drying, brittle, and damage to hair.

* Pay attention to your ends, as the are the oldest part of your hair strand and tend to break off first.
* Making sure your ends are properly cared for will prevent breaking and split ends.
*If left un-treated split ends can travel up the shaft of your strands, causing more damage

Products I use:

Cantu shea leave-in conditioner
Kinky Curly leave-in detangler
Home made shea leave-in
  • Water washing only
    • I believe it was one of my late night YouTube binges, where I found this method. The channel was called waterwashingonly. I was intrigued by her hair, the method she said worked and decided to do more research on it. I will do a detail article on this particular method. Water washing only is simply that, using water and all natural ingredients (preferably). Shampoos tend to strip our hair of moisture, leaving the scalp clean but our hair feeling dry and sometimes dull. Water washing only means using water often throughout the week to cleanse your scalp, allowing your natural hair oil -sebum to flow freely from our scalp. 

  • No shampoo, only conditioner
    • I love this method for my hair, It seems to work well for me and my hair loves conditioner.

  • Products to love
    • cantu shea leave-in conditioner
    • products with glycerin as they hold moisture onto your hair
    • oils (olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, (read more about these oils
TIP: When styling your hair, it is best to not use products with glycerin. Although amazing for moisture retention, our hair tends to soak up this product, hence causing (twist outs, braids out) any style you choose to wear to only last a few hours.

After much trail and error, I realize that my hair care regime needed to include a few items that pack a punch and would give my hair more moisture.

Below I have complied a list of what have worked for me and hopefully they can help you out too.

  • Choose a deep conditioner that works well for your hair, if you have thick curly hair like mine, you need something that is packed with moisture )preferably something thick and creamy.
  • Clarify often once a week, making sure your scalp is clean and ph balance restored
  • Use an acidic rinse like ACV (apple cider vinegar), helps restore ph balance and remove dirt and buildup naturally.
  • leave - ins: find a leave in that moisturizer your hair (my hair loves cantu shea)


Ph Balance for your Natural Hair
Natural hair rememdies for an itchy scalp
How to "Winter-ize" your Natural Hair care
Benefits of Pre Poo

Thank you all for taking the time to join me, back on my blog
Next Post Friday, March 5 2016

- Stans-

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It's not exactly Monday and I'm sitting on my floor, exploring ideas and options for my blog. I hope your valentines Day was just as enjoyable as mine. This past weekend I notice a lot of people became very depressed and bitter at the idea of being alone. I couldn't help but post a video!

Being single is a time in your life to find out who are you, and what you like. I always encourage women and men to enjoy being single no matter your age, or time in your life. The moments in life that we take for granted, we will wish we had one day. Yes! even your single years. Those years you can never get back but you can learn so much along the journey.

I truly believe that taking the time to be single, have fun and making mistakes is what lead me to a powerful, solid and loving relationship. I use powerful with a capital P, because my happiness is always the number one thing to living a full life.

Valentines Day, Christmas, or new years eve is not just for couples, share them with family, friends, and give a little to those in need.

I am sure you've heard this time and time again but put this into practice, and you will watch your life unfold.

- Stans-

Saturday, February 13, 2016

❤️ Valentines Day lavender makeup look | Natural Hair Updo - Afro

It's that time of year where we all remember love is the most beautiful experience between two human beings and for many we remember this every year. Whatever, and however you choose to show and share your love, Enjoy it!

I decided to do an easy beginner lavender inspired look. Why lavender it's soft and perfect for my skin tone but can compliment many skin tones, without being to harsh. Please see pics and videos below.

The last two pics have no filter, only natural lighting so you can really get a clear look
of what I was able to achieve

Face: mac match master, makeup  forever
concealer: la girl concealer & mac pro long wear
lips: make up forever - smoked purple & nyx maison

- Stans-

Friday, January 29, 2016

My Flawless Everyday Simple Makeup look | CHOCOLATE SKIN FRIENDLY ) | F...

I love when Friday rolls around because it means the weekend is here. Although my weekend seems to be getting shorter and shorter as I get older, I make it a point to enjoy the hell out of them. Whatever you were doing this week, I hope it went well. Today I posted an easy flawless makeup look on my youtube channel, I'd love for you all to check out. It is so hard trying to manage all I do, but I am going to be on Top of everything.

Regular post will start this Monday on both websites. I will go into more details about the blog on
Monday and the website, I left out official dates and more information I do need to share with you all.
Thank you so much for your support and have an amazing weekend.

xo - Stans

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Year I put everything on Hold "Limitations are self -imposed"


I wanted to start this off with a simple hair care post, but in writing it I realize that my blog has been on a very long Hiatus. Although I have posted videos, I have done no research or articles for what seems like a year. I may be correct or may not, but it's been a very long time. Let me explain!

After the passing of my mother, the unimaginable pain, the sleepless nights, 40 pound weight gain, sickness, depression, high estrogen and so much more. Oh! I cant explain how heart broken I was and how my life changed so quickly. I found myself lost, crying at any moment, and most importantly my life was slowly falling apart. You see, everything I had worked hard for no longer made sense to me, everything I wanted was slowly being taken away.  I could not maintain the work ethic I hard conditioned myself to maintain. It felt like my desire had died and along with it any meaning to life.

I fell into the worst depression of my life, the one that makes you want to take your life and simply send a text saying I need to go. After the passing of my mother, I wanted to die. I can speak openly about it because in 2016, I am going to  change someone's life. I made a promise to myself that this year is my year of growth and sharing.

Fast forward and depression has been muted due to a profound belief, pray and building a closer relationship with God. I was able to get much needed help and humble myself enough to say I need it. Growing up in a west indian home, you dealt with things, stay silent and kept moving forward. No one talks about mental illness and the effect it has on our community. The opposite is true, it does exist, we all need help sometimes and it is okay to ask for it.

I'll share with you a recent post I wrote on my Instagram;

▫limitations are self imposed ▫ & so I've learned to feel comfort - able in me. Learning that at different stages in my life I become more comfortable with who I am. It is @ that level of comfort that allows me to write so clearly and speak clearly in my convictions. The best gift I gave to myself was ▫confidence▫ see I mastered the art of loving me & maybe to some that doesn't mean takes confidence to accomplish dreams, and even in those moments of insecurities you have to be confident to keep moving forward ▫ & even in the moments where you experience heart break you keep on moving... yes it's confidence but more importantly ▫strength ▫in this year of growth, i have all that I need ▫The presence of those I love does not take away from me but adds value ▫ & so I choose not to over look what I have been blessed with. Instead I choose to nurture and allow people into my life that will bring out the best in me, the very best in me. ▫I love ▫I am love ▫Imagine being surrounded by people that bring out the most gratifying human experience ▫ life is about you changing your perspective & mentality▫creating a plan to execute your dreams ▫& envision yourself in the roles you dream of▫Be careful because the company you keep can hold you back or push you forward▫& so I'm mindful, careful and thoughtful ▫only knowing that the life I want, I get to create ▫creating a magical life 💕

Today, I can say I am in a better place my ability to write articles and get myself back on track has slowly found its way back into my life.

Thank you all for being so patient, continuing to follow me, support me, send emails and now lets continue to learn with eachother.

What's New 

The one thing that has remained consistent is my desire to grow dejavunaturals. Today you can head on over to - Dejavunaturals will continue to be a community for natural hair women and men that seek knowledge. My goals has and will always be to do as much research and find truth in the information I present to you all. - Dejavunatural will be used to inspire through stories, life experience, health, and lifestyle,  I ask you to join me on this new journey.

My schedule will be as follows :

Monday, Wednesday, Friday : Blog post @ dejavunaturals or dejavunatural

Please keep in mind these post may be videos linked to my youtube channel as well.

On Fridays I will continue to feature inspiring Natural hair women (dejavunaturals) , or inspirational stories (dejavunatural) , please feel free to contact us

Thank you for the continue support & love

Wishing you a Happy New Year and Be Bless in 2016!


Thursday, January 7, 2016