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Inspiration: How are you living your life passionately? or Are you just Living?

 I have realize that words are powerful tools which can be used in a destructive way and become believable. I wrote a post about this on my H.E.A.R.T blog Click Here.

What can I do to lead a life that is inspiring?  I know first hand that life happens, whether it's a lost of a loved one,  career or day to day living. Life Happens! How you handle these changes can make or break you and truly affect a person. Life will throw you curve balls but what you do in that moment can affect you more than you realize. One thing I have learned this year is that regardless of how much you want time to stand still, it will keep moving. 

How are you living your life passionately?


Are you just living?

Too many of us are looking for instant gratification,  we forget to allow things to happen naturally. It may take a very long time for the universe to align you with your passion. Think for a second, if you let go of this little thing called time? Maybe you would focus on what you enjoy doing! 

Imagine if  you made a choice to do what you are passionate about.  

 Too often we allow life to define us by the jobs we have, the friends we keep, the things we do, and who society tell us to be. It can be exhausting holding titles that you never expected. 

If you are struggling with anything at the moment here are a few tips that may help.

  • Let go of time frames, and re frame from acting out of desperation
  • Use your time wisely to grow, educate yourself, build patience, persistence, and work towards your craft.
  • Turn your passion into your dreams, if you would rather have your own business than work for someone else then make a plan and work towards this goal
  • life happens, we will not always be prepared for it but ask for help when you need it 
  • seek support from friends and family that are willing to help you on the Journey
  • Life changes and this is something you cannot prevent, just be open
  • Find ways to be with yourself but also pick yourself up on  those days that make you physically weak
  • Set goals, and work to prefect your craft you never know when an opportunity will present itself 
  • Be Kind (even to the stranger because you never know who you will meet)
  • Figure out what is really holding you back or preventing you from moving forward
  • Take a moment each day to be still, be silent, and reflect
  • Be cocnsistent whether it is your hair journey, life, career consistency is always key 
  • Put in the work 
  • We all have a different path in life, do not adapt someone else's blueprint as your own. We have our own journey to fulfill 
  • Never give up, you will fall and maybe multiple times but never give up.

I hope this helps  get you through your day, after all it's FRIDAY!!

Have an amazing weekend xoxo

Stay Beautiful

Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to Grow 4c Natural Hair

Welcome back to my blog!

This week has been especially busy for me with so much going on, I was not able to do my much needed research for my articles until last night. 

Now on to the article.....

Tips to grow long 4c hair Naturally

  • Love and accept your hair texture this I believe is the first step.
  • Deep condition your hair either every week or every two weeks.(keep your deep conditioner on for a while, for deep penetration, hence deep conditioning.
  • Find a routine that works best for you (when I first went natural I choose a day dedicate to my hair, over time this routine got easy for me.)
  • Keep it simple (my biggest mistake was having a long routine/regimen for my hair that took me hours, I watched many you-tubers and thought this was normal when I first went natural. Today I keep it very very simple with easy styling. 
  • Protective styling for 4c hair is king because our texture is very kinky, it also is very easy to form knots, break and prevents our natural hair oil (sebum to travel to the ends of our hair) after washing and condition try twists or braids, this will give your hair the rest it needs to grow, retain its length and moisture.
  • Protective styling allows your hair to grow fuller and maintain it’s thickness.
  • The best way to wash 4c hair is in sections, this eliminates tangles and cuts down the detangling process time.
  • It is given by now how important detangling is for natural hair but especially for 4c hair, detangling is king!
  • Moisturized your hair when it is wet and with water, this allows the moisturizer used to absord into your hair.
  • show your hair lots of love.
  • Try to keep your hair stretch to prevent knots.
  • Finger detangle your hair-I no longer use combs in my hair often. I know I know what your thinking but this is a much easier process for me and I notice my hair would snap when using combs or brushes. I notice my hair is growing fuller at my ends
  •  Healthy lifestyle yes it matters and I for one have notice with a failing diet and stress your hair will feel it.
  •  Drink lots of water.
  • Patience, it will take a lot of trail and error to find out what works best for your hair.
  • Keep trying, learn, read books, watch videos, ask questions, there are lots of information out there available to help with your Journey, 

I hope these tips were helpful and you can implement them into your hair journey. Remember to always have fun with your hair journey, be loving and patient with your hair. These tips can be used or alter to suit your needs and yes, for any hair type!!

Stay Beautiful

Thank you for coming back once again. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Bantu knots + Kinky Straight Clip-ins

This fall and winter I feel like my hair is taking a beating. The first time I coloured my hair was this past January and it seemed to be fine with the cold winter. However I re-coloured my hair in June of this year and the double dose of colour fusion has my hair super dry. I have opted to up my weekly treatments to include hot oil treatments, masks treatments, eating well, drinking lots of water and doing trims. I decided to do more frequent trims because the colour had dried out my ends. Before the year is done I'll probably do one more trim if necessary, but so far my latest trim seems to be a success. Don't worry I only cut about 1 inch off.

This was the first day I installed my Kinky straight clip-ins. I been searching for clipins for a really long time, so when my cousin told me about these I went looking on aliexpress. I had already ordered a another hair from aliexpress and I am very careful when it comes to what store I order from. I will do a later article on this topic.

This is a few days later, although my hair is a different colour, the texture matched perfectly. I received 14 clips, 16 inches in length and relatively full. I knew that just seven clips would not give me the thickness I desired.

Few random thoughts
* This hair can be straightened
* The hair does lose its kinky texture when approaching the ends
* The clip-ins aren't individual as thick as I would like
* The texture is a perfect match to my blown out hair
* These will last you a while
* The should be washed frequently, if you will wear them everyday
* You can try many style with these clip-ins such as buns, updos, and much more

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Motivation Thursday: Let's Spotlight Protective Styling

Today's focus will be on protecting your hair, considering that WINTER decided to sneak up on those of us living in a colder climate area. We have been hit with snow, cold and dryness. I have notice the change in the way my hair behaves, dry and my ends are noticeable brittle. I am protecting my hair by covering it up from the harsh cold, but I am also doing my very best to moisturize.

What is Protective Styling?
Protective styling are usually heat-free hairstyles that conceal your ends to prevent breakage. Protective styling encourage growth, length retention and for many naturals can be a combination of braids, twists, weaves, and wigs.

How long can I leave my hair in a protective style?

Many people keep it for 2-3 months, that seems to be the general census when it comes to protective styling,

The problem with prolonged extension wear is the tangling that could occur from your hair being entrenched. The second problem is dryness that can occur from hair being protected it is not retaining moisture while being tuck away. It is important to continue your treatments while in protective styles.

The length of time depends on your ability to care for your own natural hair while in these styles, consistency is key and a clean scalp is important to growing our hair.

Protective Style Options

Natural hair. Box braids. Protective style. I might try this color for the summerMarley twist

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Welcome back !

I have probably done an article on this topic.

I am 100% sure I have, but let's revisit this topic.

Ten tips for growing Natural Healthy Growing Hair

1) Keeping your hair moisturize with water

Water helps the body to process and flush out toxins faster, our bodies are made up of a considerable amount of water. This can be broken down by age, body, and weight. Water like pills and supplements is not a magic trick. These methods and products promote strong hair which will lead to growing and longer hair.

*make sure to drink lots of water
*mist your hair throughout the day, make sure to do this everyday
*It promotes healthy growing hair, and clear skin

2) Trim your hair

The longer your hair the more your ends have been through. Hair can get damage by environmental conditions, and styling equipment's, harsh shampooing, this can be severe if not address.
 Trimming can prevent sparse thin ends, split ends and help prevent fairy knots.

*some people trim every 6-8 weeks and that is optional
* I trim when it is necessary for me to do so. I simple pay attention to the ends of my hair

Monday, November 17, 2014

Solange Knowles Wedding to Alan Ferguson

It is the least to say that Solange has grown into her own women, with your own sense of style and I imagine a unique idea of who she is. To say she is breaking the internet, well, I prefer not to compare the too, however she sure is turning heads, in a good way. 

Yesterday Solange wed her boyfriend Alan ferguson in New Orleans. Each shot comes off as pieces of art work. The all female family portrait was an ode to the work of Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft. 

Solange commisioned Humberto Leon for Kenzo to design her unique dress, and Rog Walker as her official photographer.  

The simplicity of this wedding although it may not appear simplistic in price it is however beautiful to me. 

                           There is something extremely sexy, but modest and artistic about this look.
                                                                  I love it.

Top 30 Natural Hair Black Women

When I first sat down to watch this, I was very intrigued with who came up with this list. I assume the creator of this video. This video, and some may disagree is very inspiring, eyebrow raising and yes will raise alot of debate. I believe as we embrace the weaves, clips, and wigs of other races in which he happily adorn on our crowns, we should feel free to have natural hair and embrace it. I for one never say you have to "go natural" or have natural hair. I do not believe this method will work. I have always said whether you decided to have relax hair, natural hair, short or long hair or be bald it is a choice. It is a choice because there is an industry built on women altering who we physically can be and present ourselves to the world. I doubt this will ever change, but we can surely first learn to embrace our inner understanding of our whole being and maybe that will reflect the decisions and how we treat ourselves on the outside.

I have posted the video below, share your opinions and thoughts. Let me know how you feel, think and do you disagree with this video.

Maybe your list is different, let me know in the comments below?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fashion Friday + Great finds + Robe Coats & More

As we all know style evolves quickly.  Now that summer is gone, welcome in Winter?!?! (as I run and hide under blankets)

Kerry Washington wears this coat and like always understand a great sense of style. photo source

At least in Toronto, it has begun to show signs of a cold winter, something I certainly am not ready for. Neither less to say it is here to stay! One of the most popular looks this fall and winter are robe coats. I have seen a few at stores like Zara and only stores like Sheinside at a more affordable price.
Below I have a few of my favourites.

Robe coats

Belted broad collar coat, $47.80, available at Forever 21.

Loretta waterfall coat, $1,250, available at Hobbs.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Spotlight: Giovanni Clark

When I came across an email that said: Have you ever posted pictures of red headed naturals?
I immediately thought what a great idea. I later found out the author of that question was the
beautiful Giovanni Clark. I knew I had to feature her amazing hair. Her natural red locks are
beautiful and yes! her hair is naturally red.

Can you give us some insight into your hair regimen?

Giovanni Clark:

Oh, where should I begin! I wash and deep condition my hair every Sunday then I blow 
dry and wear it out. I usually have to re-condition my hair because my straight ends like 
 to do their own thing and the LA weather is very harsh. I sleep with a satin scarf to 
 avoid split ends. I've never had ANY chemicals or treatment put in my hair. 100% NATURAL HAIR! 

What was it like growing up as a red head?

Giovanni Clark:

Growing up as a red head in a predominantly black community was very hard. 
always stood out and was occasionally picked on and called names. 
I actually hated my hair color for most of my childhood.

When did you start loving you hair

Giovanni Clark:

     I didn’t realize how special and beautiful my color was until I had gotten a little bit older. 

Where you born with red hair? Are you the only red head in your family?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

All that hair: Healthy Hair Starts at the scalp

Maintaining a healthy scalp is essential to the overall health of growing natural hair. To often I meet women who are more concerned with their hair than where it is growing from. Your scalp is responsible for sending sebum (natural hair oil) and nutrients along the strands of our hair. This will allow your hair to be healthy, moisturize and nourish.

Recently I came across the process of exfoliating the scalp, I will be honestly, I have never heard of it. I too am guilty of getting lazy sometimes and skipping straight to conditioner. However our scalp is clarified by using shampoos, mud washes, or apple cider vinegar, what about the dead skin cells? 

Removing dead skin cells allows product buildup to be removed, excess sebum, itchy and flaky scalp, prevents hair loss and inflammation of the scalp. Preventing any of these will prevent your scalp from being sealed and trapping bacteria, dead skin cells, and perspiration.

Monday, November 10, 2014

FLAT TWIST + How to flat twist + One way + How I wear my hair under my wig

Hair-Inspiration: Natural Hair: 5 Tips to Stay Inspired and Motivated on your Natural Hair Journey

Model details: @Afro_thundr (check out more of her work there)

There are days we will all get discourage and need a little motivation. Your natural hair journey is exactly that a journey! You will discover so much of yourself when you part take on any journey: healthy, life and hair. What makes each one unique is your approach to setbacks, triumphs and challenges.

So be inspired with your hair and choice!!

Five  tips to Stay Inspired and Motivated on your Natural Hair Journey:

1) Try new styles

When I get bored with my natural hair I know very often it is time for a change. Over the years my simple answer was to try a different style. I would browse the web and find something that would excite me. This year my go to was colouring my hair and trying a new look. I loved it! Do not be afraid to try what you want with your natural hair, just know the consequences may include set backs. Do your research and be diligent with your hair care if want continued growth. Try unique protective styles like braids, twists, and faux locs.

2) Take pictures to show progress

One of the many things that has helped me in my journey is pictures. When I first began watching YouTube videos one of the many suggestions I took was to take pictures and start my own blog documenting that journey  I will often look back at pics to remind yourself of how far I have come. Progress pics will help you have clarity on your journey, video is also amazing. I make youtube videos so this helps me stay focus, make goals for yourself and stick to them. Post them and have them in your presence at all them.

3) Friend/family motivation

The greatest motivation I think is finding friends who are also on the journey. When I first decided to grow my hair out healthy, not natural because I also been, I had no one. Over the years I have great friends who are now natural  and people who I have become close to out of this journey,

4) Remind yourself why you went natural

Why did you go natural? I went natural because I wanted naturally growing hair!! I want my hair to be long, big, and beautiful. It has not gotten to my desired length but I keep going. One of the many helpful things that has helped me stay focus is seeing the health of my hair. I remember the days of breaking hair, and hair that wouldn't grow, to now a healthy head of hair.

5) Check out inspiration online

There are some great resources and social media has become one of the many ways to inspire ourselves. Take a look on instagram at pages like naturalhairdaily, search through YouTube, try Facebook and tumblr, just do a search and you'll see what I mean. There are tons of motivational quotes, pictures, and videos. This can only mean one thing, natural hair is here to stay! So be motivated if natural is your thing.

Disclaimer: I do not own this pic, I simply like it and showing its beauty.  If your know the source please leave a comment I will tag it, 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Karida Hair Company Brazillian Body wave + intial review + wig +likes an...