My Hair Journey

Every month I will posting pics of my journey, if you would like to join in the journey please send me an email:
Please include your name or nickname etc
The pics does not have to be a length check pic it could just be any pics of your hair.
The goal is to maintain healthy hair and growth.

To view my regime update for 2012 Click Here

Sept/ October/2012 Final update 



OCT 2011

Sept/Oct 2012

My grew so much in one year, it was an amazing journey. I can say the back of my hair is bra strap length. I only wish the front was too, but that's always been the slowest part of my hair to grow. I must say Every time I see the fron of my hair make progress it excites me. I realize that the back of my hair and the fron are two different textures. The back is a very loose curl where as the front is tight coils. The back grows extremely fast, along with the middle. The sides and front take there time. I can even go as far and say the sides grew faster. 

Thank you all for following my journey this year and stay tuned for my 2013 journey. 


Hey y'all I know it's been a minute, I have had my hair in yarn braids from April 7- June 1 and then I also hide my hair under wigs. My hair has grown quite a bit but not as much as I would like it too. You would think I would be satisfied but am obsessed with my hair length and I can openly admit that. I have grown maybe about two inches or an inch and a half. Hey is a pic of the length in the back the front as only grown about inch nothin to really showcase. Hope you are all having an amazing summer as I am. Bisous

April Update: 

So guys I have decided to do an early update since I will be doing a protective style for this entire month: Yarn Braids/Genie Locs. I have done an initial video answering questions and pics of my hair you can check them out that video  here: Yarn braids Video Click Here of course I will do a length check at the end of April to let you all know how this protective style turns out. My plan is to keep this in for 4 weeks continuing my weekly treatments and co-washing as needed now that I am working out everyday.

March update:

Hey guys for March I did not see any growth mainly because I was so bored with doing my hair.
Lately I have been so annoyed with it, so I just twisted it and left it under my wig. I still continued
my weekly treatments but saw no difference when I did a length check. I decided not to even bother posting pics.

Feb 29, 2012
I am 1 year and 4 months a "healthy natural"
Hey guys this month has been an amazing month in terms of my hair. I have been so stress lately so am surprise that my hair is still flourishing. I will fill you guys in on my K.I.S.S ROUTINE (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID)

1. I wash my hair once a week with shampoo
2. I do a deep conditioning treatment every week
3. Protein treatment every 4-6 weeks
4. I pay close attention to my ends
5. Detangle my hair every week when washing
5.Use natural products in my hair.
6. I do protective styling 99% of the time. 
7. Green house effect every night (I learned this from a youtuber)
Green House Effect

I have been able to grow about an inch and a hald in the front and back. 
I will continue my journey and share them with you all....
(if you check nov,18 pics you can see the growth in my hair has achieved) 

Jan 1st 2012
I have been natural for a year now, well as of January 2012 I am 1 year and 3 months "healthy natural". I am going on this journey within my natural hair journey to really see my progress in one year.

Nov 18, 2011

Beginning of my journey Oct 10, 2011