Monday, December 20, 2010

Work It Out (Preview)

hey guys lets us know what you think, sorry about the voice had the worst flu in
the world however when it's record it i promise it will be hawt, we just wanna know if you guys like!!!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Eclectic Creations ***Tomingo***

Today I have a great interview for you guys. As you know I love meeting new naturals and hearing their stories. I love when they are finding ways to empower natural women and support one another. It was a pleasure talking to Tomingo of Electic Creations.

The journey ....

     ......and it continues.....

What inspired you to go natural?

My hair was damaged from over relaxing and it was thin. Then I noticed my mothers’ hair, who is still relaxing her hair, and her line is further back then it use to be.

What products do you use?

I use Jam for my afro puff, Eco-styler when I do a wash and go and Sauve as a co-wash. I also use some home-made products shea butter and natural oils. I had thought about selling them on my web-site , but right now I am just offering my jewelry there. I love making jewelry almost as much as I love playing in my hair! I can also be found on Etsy.

Your color is amazing, what do you use?

I use a developer with a booster to lighten my hair, usually as high as 40. Then I use a bright red with a booster. Sometimes I mix colors to see what I will get.
Crazy but I only color my hair once a year.

Do you do protective styling?

Not really. I am bad at that. Because I play in my hair so much…the style would not last.

What do you enjoy the most about natural?

How gorgeous my hair looks and feels and when the sun hits it just right it glistens…The styles I can do with it. I have found that my hair looks better natural with a weave blended in then it did when I relaxed it. To me this was amazing because all this time I have been trying to get the perfect weave spending $40-$50 in supplies that my hair does NATURALLY and it’s FREE!

Naturals have a great support system, what was yours?

Mi familia…they have always been supportive both my daughters are natural and my step-daughter has locs she has been natural for over 3 years now…

What would you say to someone who wants to go natural but is scared?

It is hard for me to answer this question because I did not care what other people thought. I do not understand the fear of just being you.

Do you remember the first time you went outside with your natural hair, big chop etc, what was the experience like (people reactions, or family members)?

They loved it. I can honestly say that I have not had any negative experiences from my journey. I do realize that my journey is not like some other naturals whom are experiencing negative feedback because they are natural. However, I do understand it.

Where do you see the natural movement heading to with youtube and social media?

It’s amazing how many new naturals I have seen since I went natural 19 months ago. I love it. I truly believe it will be an accepted option for sista’s and that soon it will be the norm.

Are you ever tempted to revert back to a perm or etc?

Excuse my French but HELL NAW!! I realize now that I did over process my hair and even though I could space my relaxer out if I wanted to, I don’t feel the need too. I can blow dry and flat iron my hair and you would think it was a fresh relaxer. I put the first relaxer in my hair at the age of 15 and off and on for over 20 years. I used chemicals to alter the texture of my hair from a Jheri Curl to a Gentle Treatment Regular and “I will never go back to the creamy crack!”

when did you fall in love with you hair?

As soon as I cut it! I loved my curls!

Add anything else you would like to say!!! website, facebook, etc

I have a website @
and @

I also love to blog

I also have a facebook fan page

Thanks so much for asking me to do this interview...this is my first, of many i hope and really enjoyed participating.


Beautiful Jewelry, Hand-made earrings

Stay Beautifuls

XOXO Music

Hey guys I came across some new music, som have been out for a while...Hope you guys enjoy it. Dont be afraid to let me know whatyou guys think, much luv!

First Canadian songstress Melanie Fiona has a new album which is set to be released early 2011 called THE MF LIFE...below is the live performance of er new song "gone & never coming back".

Second video comes from Jamie foxx ft Drake called fall for your type...There is something about this song!!

Tiffany evans for those who remember came out with promise ring with ciara and now she is back with her up and coming album and new song I'll be there...Enjoy

Okay so the next song am not a huge fan of it ...maybe it has to grow on me but if you guys cant tell am all over the place when it comes to music i listen to me I could be tempted to post some other genres on her...:)smiley..but for now let me know what you guys think...

Love me some J.cole, here he is with miguel enjoy: all i want is you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Secrets of Cod liver Oil: Beautiful Hair and Skin

source: photographed by tarrice love

Winter is here and a great way to help our bodies and hair is to consume cod liver oil that is of course contributed by eating healthy. 
Benefits of Cod liver oil: the brain, the heart, the joints, the digestive system,

Another benefit of Cod liver Oil is the Vitamin E content which helps the body process the fatty acids is an essential antixoidant and promotes the health of skin and the hair. Omega-3 fatty acids cannot be produced by the body so cod liver oil is a great supplement.
Examples of omega-3 foods:  extra virgin oil, organic butter, coconut oil, and avocados

What is more important is the type of fat you put into yur body and these are all great ways to replace the unwanted fats.
Saturated fats is not the enemy in fact they offer a number of health benefits, coconut oils is a particularly healthy choice. Trans-fatty acids are much worse for you than saturated fats. They raise your  cholesterol levels and lower good cholesterol which is linked to heart disease.
Benefits of Cod Liver oil for you hair:

Cod liver oil improves and sustains overall health because of this it will result in healthier looking hair. It contans high levels of vitamin A and D. Omega 3 acids can be found in soybeans, certain types of nuts and seeds. It provides nourishment to the follicles which speeds up hair growth and prevents hair loss. You should also consume agood supply of proteins to encourage hair growth.

You will notice a difference in the look and feel of your hair after a priod of taking cod liver oil, hair will be stronger, more durable, shinier,manageable and your hair shaft will be smoother
Other benefits:
heart disease, cancer, depression, arthritis, alzheimer's disease, ulcers, diabee, hyperactivity and many other. Increase your ability to concentrate and energy level.
Other sources of Omega-3 is flaxseed and walnuts.
Stay Beautifuls


This is late but I jst want everyone to remember to protect yourself always.

Be mindful, Be careful, Be safe

Get tested



Saturday, December 4, 2010

Update Update...Am back

It's been so long, I dont even know where to start. Well, let me start by saying all is well. I have been doing so much in the last little while more reading, more writing and of course debating whether to go on youtube or not. I know it is a yes or no answer but am so weary of alot of things to be honest. However I am so into what I am doing and sharing, growing and learning soam building up the courage along with my dejavunaturals ladies to soon post and continue our journey. I hope you guys will like it. There is so many things I wantto address.

The store, yes ladies and gentlemen I will soon have a store dedicated to the unique items of deja many will be hand made by me and some will be sponsored unique items from jewellery to clothes everything you name it we wil have. I am currently in the process of product production as welll bt tat's for a later date.

The blog, I am looking for something clean and differen for the blog. I love the neat look but I feel like it could be so much better so from time to time I will be changing it around and hopefully you guys can help mw wth your feedback.

It feel to be writing and back. I love it, I missed it.

There will be so many things to come, am excited and the big news will come on monday.

That's all folks until monday....

xoxox dejavunaturals

stay beautiful