Friday, March 4, 2011

xoxo Music

Okay so if you didnt see willow smith on Oprah, well I didnt either. I know alot of people say that she is to young and blah blah blah, next rihanna blah blah. To me willow is the next willow. I think she is the most cutest thing ever, sharp for her age and her parents clearly support her and they are doing their best to make sure she never strays. Well here is the video of her on Oprah. Enjoy!!!

I love that Damian Marley dreads are so long, I love it. I wonder if they are heavy. To be honest guys I love the island feel of this song. Reminds of my childhood growing up in Trinidad. Feels very old school reggae. Love it

Marsha Ambrosius has a new album and more importantly I am so excited to see her and Melanie fiona go on tour together. I know it will be amazing to see them, even better if they come to toronto. I love her music and naturally I have to support her. For those of you that arent familiar with her she is from the group floetry. I have to warn you this video is a little touchy. I love the second song Here is her video. Enjoy!!!

Adele, I love her voice, I love her music and her album is so good.

oh Miguel, some people are just good at what they do

Until Next time

xoxo dejavunaturals