Saturday, August 14, 2010

Deja Vu Naturally you!!!..... Welcome

Hi Everyone!!

Welcome you to Deja Vu Naturals. Our main goal is to inspire and encourage you. Feel free to ask questions, I'll provide information and advice. We feature talent, fashion, community leaders, natural hair advice, guide and information, encourage and empowerment.

Natural Hair:

Being natural can be very empowering for many women. You feel free, strong and beautiful, I found this to be true for many I have spoken to. I find many of us seeking the empowerment and knowledge, something happens to you that encourages you to seek knowledge, not just about your hair but your body, being healthy and life. Here at Deja Vu naturals as our Hair is important so is taking pride in how we present ourselves,

so Yes!!, I will be covering fashion, fashion fashion. First I want to thank you for joining me on my journey as I take it with you and hope it continues to be empowering us all!!