Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update on my blog

Hey all, I know it has been a month since I have update on here. I mean the last two years has been such
a roller coaster for me. It's the only way I can truly describe it, I am happy I learned so much along the way though. Recently my mom was very ill and ended up the hospital for a really long time, it was heart breaking
and am sure for anyone facing something like this it always is. To see the people you love in pain, especially
your mother, the women who gave you life and carried you for 9 months. It was heart breaking. I really
needed sometime to spend with her and just focus on myself and the direction my life is and has been taking.
I have always been so sure about what I want to accomplish and do with my life. I know sometimes life
throws you stones but am ready for some flowers, hugs and kisses again. It feels like it has been so long
since things looked better for me. I am ready for 2012.

On a great side note I got engaged over the holidays so that was the flowers
and hugs I need to tip it off. My fiance is an amazing, supportive man,
I hope God continues to bless us, family, friends and every
one out here reading.

Life is amazing!