Thursday, May 17, 2012

Insanity is Insane

Insanity Review Pic1 Insanity Review

Hey guys quick update on my fitness journey....this is just a short update. I have switched over to insanity again. I just found myself getting very bore with p90x. I think mostly because I didnt not have the space or equipment to do all the exercises. I started insanity about two weeks now. I am seeing the results I want as well.

Last summer I did insanity with great results but had to stop due to personal reasons. I am happy to be at it again because I love the Insanity of Insanity :) I have completely changed my diet and have even stop eating so late which was a huge problem for me. I am determined to reach my goals, I want those 6pack y'all. I am still eating clean, lots of veggies, trying to stay away from junk food and drinking lots of water. I will give you guys another update at the end of May...wish me luck

Hope you all are enjoy your fitness journey, and staying healthy



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