Monday, June 11, 2012

Easy How to do Yarn Braids - Genie Locs Styles

Hey lovely Naturals, relaxed, gents...It has been so long since I have really sat down and wrote something on here. I seem to only be posting without words. It has been so hectic keeping up but am trying. I have made a schedule that will keep me up to date on my blogging and vlogging. My yarn braids was such a success, except for taking them out, OMG it was a nightmare. I enjoyed this style and felt it really complimented me. I got lots of compliments which only made me feel even more confident with them. I almost never wanted to take them out but with all the build up I found once I removed them...chile!!! I was happy I removed them when I did....I made a quick style video, just a few ways I wore my hair with the yarn braids.   xoxo Stans

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