Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Relax, Natural, Texlax: IT'S MY HAIR
This picture was taken on my two year natural hair journey :video coming soon!

Hey ladies,

I know I mainly talk about natural hair and have never gotten my hair relaxed, texlaxed nothing.
I must admit there are some styles I see and wish I could try but I do love my natural hair. I know from time to time I will have readers you are interested in learning more and finding out what works for there permed hair or any other way you choose to wear their hair.

I am very much pro choice, I believe everyone has the choice to do as they please. There are good and bad consequences for everything you choose and that is all we need to know. Natural hair is not for everyone and definitely a decision you must be ready to commit too. I am two years natural, in love with my hair and it still becomes difficult at times.

I truly do not support forcing someone to go natural or relax or bullying them into going natural or relax. I hear it all the time on youtube, facebook, and other social outlets. I hear youtubers being attack through comments for deciding they want to go natural or natural ladies deciding am going to perm their hair. We need to remember that it is a choice and yes they have put themselves out there to follow their journey but people are allowed to live their lives according to how they want. You can choose to join them on their new journey or unsubscibe and that's okay too. As you are following their journey keep in mind it is a journey whether it be relax or natural they are on a journey and sometimes people may want to take a different journey, need a change, or just decided this isnt for me.

What do you think, is it right to go on this natural journey and then have a relaxer?
Do you think that once you have shared your journey for people to follow on youtube you have a responbility to uphold  to?

Please leave your comments below I would love to hear what you have to say. I plan on addressing this issue in with a future video.

Dejavunaturals *Stans*