Friday, March 4, 2016

Spotlight Friday: Natural Hair Youtubers to love and embrace

In gearing up to relaunch this blog and website, I did a lot of following, liking, reading and get myself reacquainted with the natural hair community. Although, I still have a lot of work to do, there are so many beautiful women, I came across. Many have been on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites for years and some new to the natural hair community. I also realize how much the community has change and it's good to welcome change.

There are more naturals more than ever before, whether its on YouTube or my day to day life. I am so in love with this growth and this new found love that black women in particular have found for themselves and each other. What is amazing  is that we are able to connect, motivate and share information that is beneficial to us and our natural- curly headed girls.

Over the years my journey has given me freedom to express myself and grow in a profound ways. The knowledge I have today, I never would have, had I not discovered the natural hair community. I remember endless nights searching for hair care regimens and ways to care for my hair. I never grasps any of it until I joined Youtube. Today I have knowledge that expands to my overall health and it all started with my hair.

Let me know below what your journey has been like?
Who is your favourite youtubers?
and please include any information, articles to motivate and inspire someone.

The natural hair community is greater than Dove’s mistakes
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Here are a few beautiful women I support:

Naturally Temi

Image result for naturally temi

Naturally Temi Channel >> Click Here


Image result for ronkeraji  Image result for ronkeraji

Ronkeraji Channel>>> Click Here

Mini Marley 

Image result for mini marley  Image result for mini marley

Mini Marley Channel >>> Click Here

Mo Knows Hair

MoKnowsHair Channel >>> Click Here

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