Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deja Vu Spotlight - Tasheia KinkCurly Dunn (FroTastic Tresses)

Lately I have been so busy an trying to keep up with everything but am trying my best. I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Tasheia Kinkcurly Dunn-FroTastic Tresses. I love the work that she is doing to empower and educate naturals. It is very inspiring and am happy to share with you.

 1) what inspired you to start and join this movement of naturals?

My inspiration to be a voice in this movement was due to me having many questions that had a variety of unclear answers and having the desire to help others that were searching just like I was to narrow down regimens, advice and styles for their hair. I also wanted to develop a group that focused on inspiration first. I found it hard to get support from those who did not understand my choice to go back natural, so I wanted to create an environment that would make every woman in my group feel like the beautiful queen that she is.

2) what do you hope to accomplish with FROTASTIC?

Frotastic Tresses was formed to empower, encourage and educate ourselves and others (creamy crack users) on the benefits of being a Kinky Curly Coily Woman.
I hope to accomplish an enviornment of knowledge and inspiration.
Our Moto is: Embracing our Natural FroTastic Tresses in all of it's GLORY.
Ultimately I want to start a line of Inspirational Tee’s that flow along with our Tresses!
But if one person walks away feeling beautiful and lifted up, I will feel accomplished.

3) when did you decided to go natural?

I originally started the natural hair wear in the summer of 98. I had just graduated from high school and went off to college. I already wore my hair really short and just needed something with lower maintenance. For my freshman year I kept a TWA and loved it. I came home in 99 (back to GA) and it really wasn’t received well by my friends and some family members so I went back, temporarily to the perm a.k.a creamy crack.
While I maintained the perm look I felt it needed some spunk after a recent perm. I decided to allow my cousin, who was an aspiring hair dresser to color it for me. Well when I went to the bowl to wash my shoulder length hair, it came out by the handfuls! I was devastated and vowed never to put a perm in my hair ever again. I have been Natural ever since.

4) What is your hair regimen like?

My hair regimen is fairly simple but varies depending on the time of year.

5) What are some of your favs products?

My glamour room must haves would have to be Miss. Jessies Curly Pudding, Smooth n Shine Curl Gel, Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie and Crème of Nature dry hair systems or shampoos and conditioners.

6) What is your best protective style?

Puff has to be my most favorite protective style, If I had to pick a second it would be twists or braids

7) When did you fall in love with your hair?

I fell in love with my hair about 5 months ago, that’s when I looked at myself in the mirror. I make it a point to fall in love with myself and my natural hair every time I’m in front of a mirror ;-)

8) What inspires you the most about having natural hair?

My inspirations come from the Bonds that are created by a smile or a glance from that sistah with locs or a fro that you pass and give that sorority type acknowledgement…
Second inspiration is how I feel about myself and how much I am in tune with me know. Being natural has brought about a new wave of how I treat and view myself.

9) If you could give advice to anyone wanting to go natural and not sure where to start what advice can you offer them?

I would encourage anyone thinking of transitioning to talk to people that are inspirational and knowledgeable about natural hair. Visit a natural hair care salon and speak with a stylist that is willing to give a consultation and inform them of their options while transitioning. And give them my Frotastic Tresses Facebook page to stay connected with positive people who are just like her.

10) There are many women going natural where do you think this is going to take us as black women?

This natural hair movement is taking us as ethnic women to a level of power that we are tapping into and makes us thirst and hunger for truth in our souls, spirit, and mind.
Its making us more aware of self love and self respect. We are soaring into a higher realm of who we are and that’s Strong, Beautiful, Intelligent Vessels. Its Awesome
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