Friday, November 5, 2010

Quick check list for you skin

Use the Right Cleaser
- wash your face no more than twice a day
- do not use anything to harsh on our skin
- use body wash with vitamin E to keep skin soft

-2-3 times week
- gently remove dead skn

Moisturize daily
- after showering apply moisturizer if you like me use natural oils
- moisturizer wth hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, milk, jojoba oil,
- use antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E to protect the skin from environmental pollutants
- moisturizer daily with SPF 15
- grape seed oil is also a great fast moisturizer for your face and skin

Prevent Skin Irritation
- apply skin soothng products
- aloe and chamomile are great astringent to keep away acne

Check list for unhealthy skin
- feels dry or rough
- it's flaking or peeling
- it's irritatd or red from acne or other skin disorders
- it's showing signs or aging prematurely, age spots, fine lines

Simple Life changes
- get plenty of sleep
- regular exercise
- remove makeup before exercising
- bathe right after your workout
- stress relief
- eat a balanced diet
- stay hydrated
- eatgreasy foods in modertaion
- limit your intake of iodine rich food

Using the right foundation

If your looking for that flawless look using the right makeup to help on occasions when you just want tat extra glow is always a great idea. Iam ot suggesting you wear it all the time, you do not ant to clog your pores. However, once in a while it is nice to look your best and have fun doing so. Make sure your makeup ist to obvious, or to heav, you want founation close to skin tone, and that will giveyou that natural look you desire. When you have a great foundation you can cover up breakouts and under eye circle. You want to choose the right foundation by choosing to match yor undertone so whether it is dark, olive or pink it will match your skin. Always apply to your cheek near your jawline not your hand an always test in natural light.

Always wash your face and hands before apply your makeup and apply a light moisturizer, this will lay down a nice base for you foundation. Apply your concealer after your foundation to cover up acne and blend the edges onto the foundation.

Tps to remember
- clean your makeup brusches every week or if you have spare time every da
- wash your face after you have finish apply products to hair
- chang pillowcases often


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