Monday, May 2, 2011

Fashion 101: Colour Blocking & Fashion Forward


I have been colouring blocking for as long as I can remember. I dislike matching my colours and wearing colours from head to toe that match forexample red top, red shoes, red bag YUCK I just cant do it. I dont even know if I ever even match my shoes with tops. I love wearing colours, so I might wear about several colours at a time. You have to be so careful with colour blocking because done wrong it can look tacky. Here are some great ideas to bring you into Spring.


                           Oh how I love this next look, so stunning and breath taking. Very tribal look


Aamaa Couture
OMG! give me now!

                                          This brings out the girlie side of things I LOVE.

Well played, Kate Spade, well played.

I want to start taking pics of what I wear, am always getting compliments but my camera is not the best. I am making it my goal to save up and get a great one. Going back to school my budget is limited but I can spare a few for a great camera.

If you have any suggestions for a camera please let me know.

This next colour blocking is from a Toronto blog who always has fun with her clothes. Doreenblessed: youtube name.

This has to be one of my favourite colouring blocking looks, she does it so well and beautiful definitely a look I would love to rock.

How stunnng is this, this is exactly how I love to dress, colours and more colours. Its so great, am excited. I know I get really excited for fashion, for clothes, vintage, anything I love it all, even better when it's done right.

Rule to Colour Blocking

1. Don't afraid to clash

Rules dont apply here, combine colours you usually would not dare to wear together. It can be done

2. Keep it in the same colour circle/family

It's great to contrast with pinks and purples but add some lime green and you've got magic. Again done right!

3. Be confident

If you wear it, own it and walk it confident. Your already bright so own it, be confident

4. Keep it simple, though colour blocking is fun. A simple look of blended colours works better than prints and paterns of all sorts almost 80% of the time.


This is a perfect wheel to help anyone colour blocking and having trouble doing it. It should be effortless but that would be wrong because for some it actually is precise decisions on what they wear.

xoxo Stans