Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why is my naural hair so itchy?

I have not had this problem for a long time. I find that with some weaves I do wear I have to make sure that I really clarify my scalp and use as little product but always use leave-ins, drink lots of water. My hair gets really dry with weave, so I have made it a conscious effort to wear them sparingly.

After two weeks of my hands in my hair because am so in love with it, I did decided to put in a weave and I know about the whole natural thing and whether or not we should be wearing weave. I will say that I will always continue to wear weave, I guess until my natural hair gets so long its nearly impossible. I love hair, I love experimenting and that's why I do hair so for me to say I wont do it well, that wouldnt be much fun.

So why is your natural hair so inchy?

There are a few reasons why your hair might be driving you insane.

- the use of sodium lauryl (SLS) in most shampoos which give shampoos the added foam
- non washed hair
- dry scalp skin
- dandruff
- scalp
- hair dye allergy
- lichen planopilaris

There are so many reasons that I could get into medically but we will just discuss the general inchy scalp from having dry scalp, build-up and weaves.

I cannot stress how much you must drink lots of water, please drink lots of water it is good for your skin, scalp, hair and body. It all works hand it hand, a healthy body will help your hair grow healthy. Make sure to clarify your scalp, I use apple cider vinegar but there are many natural remedies you can use to remove build-up. I mix my shampoo with my conditioner so I make sure to always clarify. Shampoos generally strip your hair, and conditioner puts back the moisture. For me this works wonders.

When I have my weaves in I have been told that glycerin works well for the scalp, I have not used glycerin before but this method comes from a weave guru who specializes in weaves. It might be helpful for you.

Itchy scalp is the result of the scalp's natural defense system decline. The scalp may become sensitive due to weaves, product allergies, scalp irritation, medical factors & buildup which causes irritation and itchy scalp. You have to be careful with the products you use which may irritate your scalp. I opt for natural products and my home made products which works for me. Simply put you know exactly what your are using and what you put in the products you make, so I prefer to make most of mine. You want to make sure that you take care of an itchy or irritated scalp right way because it can lead to dandruff, affect your sleep, disturb you through the day and affect your overall health of your scalp and hair. Avoid scratching your scalp and make sure your nails and hands are clean if you touch your hair and scalp.

What to avoid?

-Avoid alcohol and caffeine
-Increase your protein intake
-Avoid fatty acids
-Use a anti-fungal shampoo if the problem is severe
-Use a right ph balanced shampoo between 4.5 and 5.5***This may be the main reason for most naturals for irritated scalp.

For more on ph balance please Click Here for article

If you have any questions, feedback please leave your comments below. I try my best to answer all of them.
I will post a list of natural home rememdies for itchy scalp later on today.