Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yarn Braids/GenieLocs

Hey guys I been promising to post this on my Facebook page but I have been so busy
and under the weather. I finally was able to shoot a proper video and upload. I really hope
you guys love this styles as much as I do. I will post my photos tomorrow.!/DejavuNaturals

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Youtubers that helped me: ebonyjanicepeace


What kind of yarn?

I used Red Heart Yarn from walmart I bundle of black and 1 small bundle of burgundy. For the blonde pieces I used kankelon hair.

How long did they take

They took between 10-12 hours (watching tv, talking on the phone, eating, doing everything in between lol)

How did you burn the ends?

I sealed the ends by burning them. I used to lighters which made it easier to go through them easily. I made sure to smooth the ends so they loose or get caught in your clothes and remain in tact for the whole time you have them in.

How did you braid the hair?

I braided the hair the same way you would do it if you were to box braids

How long will you keep them in?

I will keep them in for 4-6 weeks. Most likely 4 weeks.

Did you deep condition/protein treatment our hair?

I did an at home deep conditioning/protein treatment overnight using products I had in my house to strengthen my hair before I applied my yarn braids.

Did you blow dry your hair before applying?

No, I just allowed my hair to air dry with twists as I stretch my hair for a few hours. I used my home made leave-in

Are they heavy?

No the are very light

What are you using to moisturizing your hair?

I am using hello hydration with water as a leave in along with just plain water, I have natural oils that I use as well. I incorporate this into my Greenhouse effect.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask below! Thanks for watching


Stans *Dejavunatural*

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