Tuesday, April 10, 2012

P90X: Fitness and Health

It has been months since I have wanted to start my journey. I would start for a few days and
fall right off, this time I am sticking to the full 90 days and eating clean. I want my six pack yàll.
I am convinced I can get the body I have always wanted and seen other women have. To everyone
else ``I`m okay, or look good`` I want to look and feel amazing and wear what ever I want, of
course still keeping it classy and sexy.

For those of you that know the p90x system I am starting with the Lean schedule. I want a lean, not bulky body. I am most excited to be doing yoga and am excited to really see the progress. Last summer I did Insanity and lost so many inches and 25 pounds. However it`s funny how things happen because following that I got into the worst and most joyous time of my life and ended up gaining all the weight back. I was unable to workout and just began eating really unhealthy to comfort myself.

I am in no way a `big girl` though I am sure I could come across that way. I have been a good healthy size for most of my life. I was a runner so I always had a pretty toned, athletic body. I miss that
side of me. I decided after talking to a close friend to join her on this journey.

My plan is to do a before and after post showing you guys my progress and how far I have come.

Day 1: Yep, it`s only been a day and I feel great. I really like p90x its really calming if that`s the word to describe it. The moves from day one core synergistics was precise to really work on one of my biggest problem areas. My stomach is my main problem, one thing I have noticed is that my body got really toned last summer but I never got my stomach flat the way I wanted. I was excited to know that so much of p90x was movement to really target the stomach area. Exactly what I needed!

  • I took a before picture to track my progress and share with you guys as the weeks progress. 


I wont be going on a diet, I call it my Lifestyle Change. I want to make this a part of my life
for years to come.

  • Simply by paying attention to what I put in my mouth at all times. 
  • preparing my meals
  • eating in smaller portions
  • eating more salads, fruits, veggies
  • drinking lots of water
  • maintain a positive attitude about my progress
  • eating on time to replenish my body
  • eating about 3 meals, 2 snacks 
  • avoid eating late meals
  • stay away from sugary foods, and excess salt

My Hair:

For those of you who have been following me I have installed Yarn Braids or Genie locs Click Here to Watch Video depending on how you call them. They are a great protective style that take forever to dry, I must add. Yesterday was the first time I co-wash them after having them in for over a week now. I will try to keep them in for 4 weeks. I will be keeping up with my weekly treatments and co-washing as often as I can to remove any build up, sweat or oils from my workouts and Greenhouse effect process Click Here for more


Make sure when you are working out you have comfortable shoes, sports bra, shorts, whatever you choose to wear make sure it is very comfortable. 

  • Make sure your sports bra supports you well
  • You dont need to spend an arm and a leg to get a great bra
  • Do your research and try in on before you buy
  • Ask family and friends that workout for suggestion


  • Check with your doctor before starting any workouts. If you are having any problems always make sure these exercises wont cause you more harm than good.
  • Eat as healthy as you can and avoid eating late meals. I prefer to stop eating around 7
  • If you are using heavy weights give your muscles some time to recover alternate your exercise from day to day
  • Be patient with your journey you will see progress
  • Change up your routine from day to day. You want your body to keep working even when you stop working out. Try different workouts. (This is one reason I choose p90x, each day is a different focus)

Why p90x

I personally like being challenged that`s why I choose Insanity last summer. This time I need a new challenge and I have heard how hard p90x can be but I have also known a few people that saw amazing results with it. After being motivated by a friend, it is perfect for me and what I want to achieve. I love that each day is something different and although I may not be able to hang with
the best yet, I know soon I`ll be right there with them.

Are you on a fitness health journey, let me know I would love to share your journey and hear from you

If you would also like to share your hair journey feel free to contact me email: ilovedejavu@gmail.com
or simply go to my page Deja Vu Spotlight for more details.

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