Thursday, March 14, 2013

Simple Hairstyle to Adorn on a simple day
There are some days where I want to just throw my hair in any old thing and really create simplicity from my natural hair texture. I wont lie to you some days this seems to hard to even think about or bring myself to do.

Recently I decided that it is imperative to remind myself of all around care that means hair care, mind and body. Despite how lazy I may get, I know we all have those days and I am definitely not alone.

I found the best ways to protect my ends is to simply put my hair in a bun to protect the ends, Right?!?

I think so, anyways I been trying more styles with my hair some fun, some weird, some unique and some well
I just love. I think my most amazing styles for me is the most creative. Which I will share in the future.

I should add that I am really enjoying my new camera. I love the quality Ill be able to provide you with.