Monday, April 1, 2013

Havana Twist

how long did it take? 2-2.5 hours

What type of hair did you use? marley braids

did you burn the ends? no, I simply braiding them all the way down

how many packs did you use? I used 4-5 packs mixed colours as well

how long are these havana twist/marley twist? They are bra strap length

how long do you intend on keeping them in? for about two weeks, they are pretty big so I doubt they will last longer

what did you do to prep your hair for this look? 

I deep conditioned my hair and stretch it for one day by simply twisting it, however I think had I twist it for longer/elongate my hair through this method it would have been much better

The hair cost about 5.99$ a pack and come in a variety of colours. 

Products I used:

giovanni leave in
home shea butter leave in
castor oil
coconut oil
olive oil
eco styler gel
marley braids
wide tooth comb
fine tooth comb 

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