Thursday, May 23, 2013

Curls and more curls

Bantu knots:

Bantu knots have to be one of my favourite for elongated our natural hair structure. It does not matter
what your hair type this style will help you achieve a wave patterned, or curls you desire. This really
depends on how you do them.

You can choose to braids, twist, or just wrap your hair into a bantu knot. Know that each style will
give you a different look, but ultimately the variety is great and easy to achieve.

Below are a few videos of Bantu Knots I have done to my own hair over the past two years....

In the first video this was early on in my journey, I did have a few pieces in my hair, I love using them to create highlights and more fullness... in my natural hair..also note that I do wear wigs now...

 If you'll notice that my hair went through alot of growth but I definitely enjoyed each look at each length.


Personally I have never used these but after watching many youtube videos I love the definition
they can give your hair. Also temporarily altering the patterned of your hair.


Another one of my favourite especially for achieving fullness with natural hair.



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