Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy New Year, Happy 2014: Changing my hair, and a few other things

I think ever year we all make a resolutions to do better and to make changes. Lately I have wanted a change so, I decided to change my hair and give myself a new look.

Thats it, that the new change to my growing hair. I have to say I am so in love with it. I cut my hair a few months ago 3 inches off and it grew back withing 3 months.

How I achieve this colour:

I search months for a hair stylist and although I love Toronto, I am a perfection and wanted my hair done right. No one has touched my hair in years, it's just something I wont allow anyone to do. I guess bad experiences can do that to you. My hair has always been natural, over the years I found the only thing I gained from not knowing my hair was it being damage in the hands of another. So I was happy to go on this journey and learn about my hair and self.

1. I washed my hair out a few days before with conditioner to remove the build up left from my three month braid installation.


20 Developer
Butterfly clips
Denman Brush
Cantu shea leave in
steaming cap
argan oil

2. I sectioned my hair in four sections (deciding on whether I wanted an ombre look or to do the whole head. Since I only brought one box I decided to do an ombre look which I am happy I did.

3. Once I applied the colour to most of the ends of my hair up through my shaft, I let it sit for 30 mintues and then another 15 minutes with the steam cap. I must admit I was not sure how bright or how dull the results would be. This was my first time colouring my hair in years. I think I was 16 when I tired a very dark brown colour on my hair.

4. I washed the colour out of my head with cool water (please don't use hot water) It makes such a difference.
-make sure all the colour is out of your head
I then shampoo just to remove an build up but I used a small amount, I then deep conditioned and rinse.

5. To achieve the style present:
- blow dry hair on cool setting
-braid hair using your styling products
-used perm rods to achieve curled ends

And Voila that's it. I couldn't be more happier with the results.

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