Tuesday, April 29, 2014

If you do something you LOVE, you will never work a day in your life!!!!

If you do something you LOVE,you will never work a day in your 
LIFE !!!!!
This is something that sits on my desk to remind me of the things I want to accomplish and the life I want. I am a very creative person and knowing this at a very young age has helped me come to the realization that the typical 9-5 is so boring to me. Yes, it provides all that I need but I’m bored. I am very hands on, I get excited by creating, doing, music, the arts I love that world. So what is a girl that love the arts doing sitting at a desk.

Questions I ask myselef day in and day out. There were many sacrifices that came with choosing my path. For starters I wanted to be there for the women I adore, my mother. Eventually I had to grow up and make a choice, until my mother said this to me. Have fun, life your life, be good, and do what you love”

If she only knew how much that statement meant to me. It has opened up my eyes and ears. She knows I love to write and for years urge me to publish my poetry, I love to sing and was my biggest supporter. She gave me a new meaning to what life truly means. She made me so strong, so strong!!!

So what am I saying to you....expect changes to my blog, to my youtube channel, expect changes in me. I mean life changes, challenges, exploration, fun, love and just an appreciation for life. These are things that I are always there but this year for the reminder of the year everything I do is with purpose, is probably without to much after thought but fun, like sky diving (oh I want to do that!!) and then taking me, my goals, my dreams to a new.

In 2014 let this year be your year that you dream, that you live, that  you enjoy, that you conquer. Be brave, be strong, be courageous, be adventurous, most importantly discover what you love so that 9-5 is exactly where you want to be. Or maybe not, you’d be surprise what you discover about yourself.

Until next time loves....

Stay beautiful