Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Once You Have Mastered Time, You Will Understand How True It Is That Most People Overestimate What They Can Accomplish In A Year – And Underestimate What They Can Achieve In A Decade! - Tony Robbins

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Let me tell you a story and how I changed my focus and life.

I found myself wanting more out of life and wanting to create that more. At first I thought it was greed, I have created this amazing life for myself. I have accomplish and keep working hard to make things possible. So, what is it? What is that missing feeling?!

We often under estimate the amount of things we can accomplish in a day. I wasn't being greedy for wanting what I deserve and I have time in my day to balance it all. The most important part of my day is the list that I make. This starts with my planner and [If you don't have a planner, get one!] Thank me later! 

I find that I am less restless, frazzled and able to accomplish more with my day. The days I just wing it, well I spent more time thinking about my to do list, than being productive. 

I learned many years ago, possibly from a speech. I did not want to work very harder [that would mean over working myself to illness!], I wanted to work smarter! I met a millionaire and I never forgot any of his lessons. Let's just say his 10 minute speech changed my life. I remembering him saying work smarter, not harder. Like many of us, he was also raised to believe you work hard and eventually your money would just multiply. That is not true! 

Working for someone else will never make you rich, [well, unless your making millions in one year, I guess!] , you have a better chance at building an empire of your own. Who wouldn't want to have a successful empire of there own? This is a relative question because many people prefer a simple life.

So how can one master time effectively to get what you want out of your life? Happiness? Money? Travel?

By knowing what you want, using it, changing your focus and having enough reasons to follow through. You ever wonder how someone comes from nothing and creates this amazing life for themselves. Many times it is because they don't want to live in poverty, be homeless, get out of an area, they have reasons to follow through.

I used to ask my self what do I have to do? How can I get it done? Where? when? how? Now I see the results first, by doing this I create questions that fuel me differently. 

I know ask myself; What's my outcome? what's my desired result? 

This changes my focus of the hustle and bustle of getting things done, to what is going to make me happy. 
I no long focus on fear, pain or temporary relationships. This is more of a spiritual focus! Making a plan for your life is essential because if you don't you will fit into everyone else's plan. 

This ladies and gentle was the realization I came too. I spent many time listen to many speakers, spiritual leaders and when you change your focus, you change the emotion attached to time. I realize I kept making promises to myself, promises I never kept. Tony Robins said "This inability to see through your promises meant your confidence would often be affected in other areas". A statement that is very true to this day. 

That overwhelming feeling was what my focus was on. Creating change for your life is a matter of motivation, drive and a strong enough reason. The mind focuses on what you feel, and what you focus on negative or positive gives you those exact results -negative+ positive/.

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