Thursday, September 1, 2016

HOW TO | Moisturizing Dry Natural Hair | Retaining Moisture | 4B | 4C

This summer my hair has been very dry and mix that with my insides going crazy, lets just say my hair started showing those effects. Recently, I had to go back to basics, jog my memory and remember what really worked. When I first went natural, I went above and beyond with my method. I realized that this ntense method also lead to fast hair growth. Within a year my hair had grown out so much, almost to collar bone length.

So, here I am again. I cut off all my dead, dry can't be fixed hair and I am starting from the basics. In this video I show you one method that I remember worked like a charm. I am also sticking to products I know worked very well.

Let's see what happens in the next few months, I'll definitely do an update.

until next time, happy growing

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