Saturday, December 4, 2010

Update Update...Am back

It's been so long, I dont even know where to start. Well, let me start by saying all is well. I have been doing so much in the last little while more reading, more writing and of course debating whether to go on youtube or not. I know it is a yes or no answer but am so weary of alot of things to be honest. However I am so into what I am doing and sharing, growing and learning soam building up the courage along with my dejavunaturals ladies to soon post and continue our journey. I hope you guys will like it. There is so many things I wantto address.

The store, yes ladies and gentlemen I will soon have a store dedicated to the unique items of deja many will be hand made by me and some will be sponsored unique items from jewellery to clothes everything you name it we wil have. I am currently in the process of product production as welll bt tat's for a later date.

The blog, I am looking for something clean and differen for the blog. I love the neat look but I feel like it could be so much better so from time to time I will be changing it around and hopefully you guys can help mw wth your feedback.

It feel to be writing and back. I love it, I missed it.

There will be so many things to come, am excited and the big news will come on monday.

That's all folks until monday....

xoxox dejavunaturals

stay beautiful