Monday, March 19, 2012

1.5 Straightened Natural Hair (My journey)

Hey guys I been getting very bored with my hair, so a few weeks ago I decided to
finally straighten my hair. It was not completely straight but I really enjoyed just
seeing my progress and how far I have come I am definitely excited and having
lots of fun with my hair. Thanks for all the support.

1. First I deep condition my hair for a few hours using an organic conditioner
    mixed with natural oils
2.I then washed my hair with an organic shampoo and condition again
3. I used apple cider vinegar to for ph balance as I do every week.
4. I applied my leave-in on damp hair.

What flat iron did you use?
I used a flat iron I purchased from walmart CONAIR.

Did you blow dry your hair?
Yes I did lightly and not for long, I then flat iron, my hair was extremely soft.

How long have you been natural?
I have been natural my whole life but never really knew how to care for my hair.
I went on this journey after much research in june of 2010. I cut all my
damage ends from flat ironing sept 2010.

What leave-in did you use?
I use a blend of shea butter and natural oils that I make at home.

What oils did you use?
coconut oil, olive oil. jojoba oil, and castor oil. I have not used olive oil in a while, but
recently started using it again

When will you straigthen your hair again?
I will straigthen my hair for my birthday which is awhile from now. My two year
journey is on sept 2012 so by my birthday I should have a great amouth of growth
which is four months after.

What do you do to grow your hair?
There is no special tricks, I simply care for my hair. I deep condition once a week,
shampoo once a week, and have been doing the Green house Effect everyday for
the past three months. I use all natural or organic products in my hair. I do not like
to try many products I stick to shea butter and natural oils. I also detangle my hair
in the shower once a week. I cut my ends or dust whenever I feel necessary. I am
not scissor happy so I never just chop my ends off. If they are damage ends I get rid
of them. I do not do this very often. I am constantly wearing protective styles about
98% of the time. I will continue to do this until I achieve the length I desire.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask below! Thanks for watching

Dejavunatiurals **stans**

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