Thursday, March 15, 2012

My makeup look: Mac magenta and Zen Rose

Lately I have been really getting into makeup and I absolutely love playing around with makeup. I remember for a really long time  being so afraid to try colour on my lips on my face. I realize now that I can really get away with trying colours. I think a lot of us can. Part of my fair was being darkskin and finding out what works for my skin. Thanks to Youtube and the beautiful ladies on there I am learning so much about what to use, and what to try. I learned how to apply my lashes properly, and how to do a winged eye liner. I know to some it may seem so simple, but it never was to me. After months of practicing, am in Love and I really want to continue experimenting and learning as much about makeup as I have done with my hair.

Mac Magenta and Zen Rose
.....can I say love at first TRY. These colours look so amazing on me and to be perfectly honest, these colours are in no way shape or form subtle. They are however very sexy and daring, that may be why I was so drawn to the way they complimented my lips. 

Mac Magenta
One thing I love about the lip liner is that I really did not have to apply lipstick to get a really even finish and daring look. It glided on smoothly and really allowed my lips to pop. 

Zen Rose
The lipstick for me was also long lasting and glided on flawlessly as well. I usually have a problem with applying lipstick that seem to appear smooth and last for a very long time. I found that not only did it last, it looked amazing on me (PICS BELOW) If you have tried it feel free to let me know what you think.

 Lip Pencil
Mac Magenta

 Sheen Supreme Lipstick
Zen Rose 

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