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The Greenhouse Effect & My experience



What have I been up to with my hair?

Well I straigthened my hair last week, but I only kept it in for a few days. Although it was not 
completely straight I didn't mind at all. Lately I been getting bored with my hair more often, I 
would say every three months. However I know the importance of hair care and protective 
styling to achieve the length I want. I am truly amazed with the progress of my hair, it's doing 

Yes y'all I have been doing the Green house affect and for me so far it is absolutely love at first try. 
I have been doing it now off and on for over three months and my hair was grown so much. You 
can check my hair growth challenge for 2012 CLICK HERE.

My Experience

I love the idea of creating a warm environment for your hair, because for me that's when my hair 
flourishes the most. Over the past few months I have noticed that my hair has grown more with this 
process than it normally would. It was very easy for me to begin this process since I used natural 
products for my hair anyways, it just seemed to make sense to try it. I have notice my hair is 
extremely softer, my ends aren't as brittle and the overall health of my hair is tremendous. 

What I dislike?

What I dislike is the smell of my hair, I am so sensitive to smells that I find myself just covering my 
hair. Since I wear wigs often to protect my hair, it's very easy to cover it up. I still deep condition 
and wash my hair once a week. I find that whenever I miss a week my scalp seems to act up with 
this process. I hardly use any oils in my scalp, I apply it to my hair but I still find that my scalp 
becomes so irritated that I have to wash my hair once a week. I do use apple cider vinegar at least 
once a week or every two weeks. To be honest with you guys I feel so guilty when I neglect my hair, 
after a year and five months I owe it to myself to continue my journey and reach my goal hair length.

What I love?

I love the progress I am experiencing, I love the way my hair feels and especially love learning so 
much on my journey. So far on my journey I have yet to really experiment with products or different 
routines but this just seemed to make sense after much research and understanding of the process. 
I am never one to jump into anything without understanding what it would do. Since I have done 
much research on Sebum and creating a heated enviroment for your hair, I decided to try it and it is well 
worth the try for me. I am excited to see where my hair will be at the end of the year. 

What is the Green House Effect?

The Green house effect is a method in which you create a natural warm enviroment that enables 
the natural oils from your scalp to help your hair grow. That natural oil would be Sebum, 

Where do I start?

To begin your journey it is best to eliminate the process of using hair products that contain 
chemicals and start using natural products to help your hair grow. 

The Green House Effect : Directly from the site

Green House Effect was created by Meeka over at Real Queens Click Here

  • On damp or dry hair apply a generous amount of JBCO or EVOO throughout your hair (or how ever much you 
  • can tolerate) making sure to coat the ends in the oil to create a protective barrier against pollution, fabrics, dryness ect.
  • This regimen works well with various protective hairstyles such as bantu knot outs and braid outs, so once you’ve oiled your hair you can prep it accordingly depending on how you plan to style it the next day
  • Place shower cap or plastic bag over your hair to lock in the moisture from your scalps natural oils and heat from your head. This creates a green house, steam effect during your sleep which is the best time for your hair growth in this case.
  • Place a head tie/scarf over your head & shower cap making sure that it’s nice and snug; for best results also wear a winter hat over your scarf to help produce more heat.
  • In the morning you may find that your hair is a bit damp from the moisture the steam effect created.
  • You can either blow dry it on cool setting, let it air dry a bit (about 15 mins) before styling, or go ahead and style it while it’s still damp and let it dry as the day progresses.

  • * if you don't really care for the JBCO smell, you should definitely try the Shea Oil with Mango & Papaya it will make your hair smell amazing or you can simply use EVOO from your local grocery store, it's much cheaper!'

For answers to your questions: 

Green House Effect was created by Meeka over at Real Queens Click Here

Stay beautiful

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