Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How to "Winter-ize" your Natural Hair care

This was the first year since becoming a "healthy natural" (I have been natural my whole life), that my hair has experience such harsh treatment. I have dye it, cut it, dye it again and sometimes neglect it due to my busy schedule. 

The constant change in weather meant it was time to amp up my hair care, and for me being a Natural with 4b,c hair, protective styling is my go to. My hair does not respond to being out in the cold win or harsh sun. This year my protective style of choice is wigs, braids, twist, and keeping it simple. 

Protective Styling: Why wigs? Braids? or Twist?

For me these methods have been my protective styles of choice, most recently wigs.  I started wearing wigs two years ago and they have truly been an amazing journey, I love the freedom to switch up my look, protect my hair and still play dress up if I feel like it. These protective styles allow your hair to have a rest period, allowing many naturals to retain length and refrain from being exposed to the harsh climate changes of many countries. 

How long do you wear your protective style for?

Protective styling can be worn throughout the winter making sure to thoroughly remove buildup from your scalp and hair. 

How to Winer-ize your hair

1) Decided what your hair needs right now!!

* is your hair dry, brittle, breaking?
*are your ends healthy, do you need a trim?

2) Once you have decided what your hair needs, choose what styling method is going to work for you?

*protective styling is great but not everyone likes it.
*maybe you prefer a fro, or twist-outs, and braids-outs

3) There are so many options when it comes to treatments, so keep it simple

*Deep conditioning
*Hot oil treatments
*protein treatments

4) Products to use to moisturize

*shea butter
*Butters are a great way to re-moisture hair especially for kinkier textures.
*olive oil
*castor oil
*argan oil
*rosemary oil
*any detangling products or simple finger detangling with oils or water helps, some may choose to use conditioner (try and error can help you figure out what works best for your hair)

5) Always use a sulfate free shampoo if you are going to shampoo! During the winter months it is essential that you retain moisture. If you are using harsh shampoos put them away as they will strip your hair of moisture and cause dryness to your hair and scalp.

6) Leave in conditioners: are a must for the winter months as the provide not only moisture but nourish your hair strands. 

7)  Moisturize everyday: Depending on what you are experiencing it may not be necessary to moisturize everyday. However you can use a light moisturizer and seal with a oil to help your strands through the harsh winter months. 

*The moisturizer and oil helps to act as a barrier and locks in the moisture. My favourite is castor oil and olive oil

*Apply a heavy moisturizer at least once a week ( I usually do this on my wash day) focus on the ends as they are the oldest part of your hair strands and also the most fragile.

8) Weekly Deep Conditioner:

*Choose to steam your hair which creates soft and healthy hair during those harsh winter months
*Use a deep conditioner, mask something heavy to penetrate the shaft
* These treatments also help to improve elasticity the hair and helps the conditioner better penetrate the shaft by using steam to gently open the cuticles. 

9) Claify your scalp

*During the winter months your scalp can be inflamed due to the harsh winter causing itchy and flaky. 
*Clarifying helps remove excess dirt, sebum, and dead skin cells

Tip: I often use apple cider vinegar to clarify my scalp, acv is a great conditioner, detangler and perfect to remove buildup.  I use the balls of my fingers to get into my scalp.

Stay beautiful 

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