Monday, December 15, 2014

Part 2: Winterize my Natural Hair Care

Welcome back to my blog!

Today's discussion is on protective styling

* Protective Styling

It is important to know what styling method works for your hair best. I have 4b-4c hair I believe which contributes to the many  tangles my hair can get from being exposed to the elements.
 ~wigs, clipins, braids, twist

* Nourish your Body : make sure to eat healthy, fruits and vegetables are your friend

* Moisturize daily or when your hair needs to be restored.

* Maintain a clean scalp

It is vital to have a clean scalp for maximum hair growth. Our hair grows out for our scalp so it is very important to make sure it is not a breathing ground for infections, product build and other preventative ways to hinder hair growth.

*Apple Cider Vinegar
~restores shine
~helps with detangling
~used to balance ph of your hair scalp

*Aloe Vera Gel
~can be used in your leave-ins
~used to help with detangling as well

* Detangling : I have realize that my hair must be detangled and stretch at all times to eliminate knots, and tangles, for this reason my hair stays in a protective styles 99% of the time. Hair that is thoroughly detangled helps with styling.

* Deep conditioning
~keep it regular
~Hair that is deep condition regularly is easier to manage

* Leave-ins : Kinky Curly Knot today

*Jamaican Black Castor Oil
~carrier oil must be diluted with an essential oil or used lightly
~is best used in leave-ins, and the ends of your hair and in Hot oil treatments when mixed with other carrier and essential oils.

*Grape Seed oil
~carrier oil that is very light and can be used on your hair and scalp and adsorb more quickly into your hair scalp

*Shea Butter

What you should invest in:
~applicator bottles
~regular treatments
~sulfate free shampoo

* Be gentle with your hair when detangling and protective styling. It will thank you later