Friday, December 5, 2014

Black Lives Matter

Welcome back to my blog beautiful!

This week was filled with exams and very eventful to say the least, but I am back! I apologize for the absent post I have been doing a lot of revamping, studying for exams and evaluating what I want for this blog and my life. 

I wanted to touch on this briefly the Michael Brown case, and so many men that have lost their lives this way. First let me say how deeply sadden I am to see another black man being taken away from the world in this matter. I can only imagine what hurt the parents must feel.

I  had to look at this is so many angles, sit back think, analyze and this is what I came up with. Some of you may agree or may not agree. Growing up I knew very quickly I was different, that my hair was kinky, that I was dark skin. I really was and has always been in love with who I am, However society not so much, see somewhere along the lines we forgot to educate our people, not the books they gives but education on who we are, what we stand for and the importance of unity.

Today I see so many that are brainwashed to believe we live in a free world, when the reality is we live in a world in which we are free to do what is ask of us to do. We are not free, nobody is free!! We need a new approach I heard this yesterday while watching a video that touched me. I believe the speaker was right, if you know your history you know that history repeats itself. I studied history in school and I can tell you it repeats it self. No matter the year, the generation it always repeats itself.

Lets us not discredit what our ancestors have done so that we live without chains, but I do believe we need a new approach to the way we do things as a people. We are divided, we have been so conditioned that we divided ourselves from each other. By skin tones, hair types, back ground, and the list goes on. We are all one people!

I hope your following me on this....

Today we live in a world that afford us the ability to live without chains but bonds us systematically, emotionally, financially and we are not viewed by many to have value.

So, your probably wondering what does this have to do with this event. Well, everything!!
No killing, any killing is acceptable. I encourage us to use this as fuel to unite.

Life should never be a debate!! Why do black men and women always have to prove that we are worthy to live. Something that many are granted "freely". I hope our people realize how powerful we are and it is this power that many fear. Often times I imagine what we can do if we unite. We are human race? aren't we! So no matter your colour, race or religion you should be disgusted when a life is taken in brutality, abuse of power, and lack of respect and what is called "integration" because after segregation we were integrated into a lifestyle the wrecks with privilege for some. A systematic, mental, bonded invisible chains that's exactly what is used to control and induce fear. We are targeted read your history, know your history and you will learn that this is not a today issue. Integration has made us colour blind, excluded is the correct word. Please do not fear speak up for what you believe in, not everyone is going to agree with you but so many fear having a voice.

Please do not think this is an attack on humanity when you see people protesting, angry and upset.
I believe that human race is not at peace with ourselves so we find faults in the way we were created our skin, hair, and how we live.

Those in authority need to respect the power they are given!!

*Let's begin to train our children on inclusion young
*Begin to record your interaction with police
*Have a voice speak up for what you believe in
*There is no need to dislike who you are, to often I hear black men and women that do not like who they are
*Parents please raise your children to understand, love, educate and be confident being themselves
*Let's create our own business,and support our people on there endeavours
*Let's raise amazing men and women

Some places we need to begin but most importantly UNITE!!

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