Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So lately I have been looking for easy classic natural hair styles I found some amazing ways to not only protect your hair but to add volume, and interest to your look.  

Natural weaves

 I love this easy to go to styles because I can blend my hair with the weave effortlessly

I love this easy to go to weave, if you have any questions leave you comments below or check out my youtube video on this made early this year CLICK HERE you will find answers to many questions you have on my youtube as well!!

Up dos

 This is one of my personal favourites and definitely plan to try this in the future!!


I found this great video and this looks so gorgeous it"s definitely something to try

 Luka Lomi- Up do Volume


Remember to be creative with your styles and take good care of your hair.

  • Water is your best friend, dont run from it your hair loves it.
  • Protect your ends to retain length
  • Use oils that will provide protection check out my articles in the natural hair guide CLICK HERE FOR CARRIER OILS and CLICK HERE FOR ESSENTIAL OILS for more.
  • Try new styles and have fun, our hair is versatile so it;s okay to twist, turn, just dont pull to tight
  • Protect your edges by keeping them loose with your styles

Come back again!!