Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer to remember **My heart smiles***

Where do I beginning? I have been wondering where to start again with my blog. I have had such a hectic year and am so lost as to where it all went so fast. Life hits you like a brick sometimes and if your not prepared to hold on for your life well you could literally lose your mind. I have to say thanks to family and friends I made it through this year and not to get to emotional in this post, I am more happier than I have ever been. I thank God for all that I have been through because am so happy right now, am so happy y'all.

My hair

Wow, it has grown so much, I cant believe it has been a year. A whole year. I cant wait to show you guys the changes, the growth. Like I have said over and over again, am excited for two years, three years because I never knew my hair could be this healthy and I really dont think it is as hard as I once thought it would be to keep up with my treatments. It is second nature to me now. I have worn it in box braids this whole summer and I loved it so much. I wore them for about three months, it took me 8 hours they were smaller in size and yes extremely neat that I had friends saying they still look so neat dont take them out. However, I missed my hair, wanted to give it a good treatment, although I had still continued my treatments, there was still a little bit of buildup. I was actually surprised at how little build up there was. I have concluded for winter it will be twist an braids. My hair grew a full inch and half I believe.

My skin regimen

If you know me very well, you know that I love coconut oil, I mean pure organic coconut oil, not the refined versions you see around most stores. The smell of real coconut oil is to die for. My skin in glowing, I had spoken to my mom about it and she manage to find the pure one at a place I never knew she would find it at WINNERS! it was only 6.99$ yea, I had the huh?? look on my face too. Naturally I had to have some.

Here is my regimen for my summer glowing skin and products used. It might help you

black soap
pure coconut oil
apple cider vinegar

Thats it. I still exfoliate with the sugar and honey scrub. I have found that this is all I need. My skin is smooth, glowing and flawless. I am not even wearing makeup anymore unless for special occassions. On my hot summer days I wear my mascara, do my eyebrows, lipgloss and am out the door. Am loving it!

My weight loss

As you some of you may have known I had a weight loss challenge, naturally because of this crazy year I got set back but yes I did reach my goal eventually to lose 20 pounds. I am 5'6 and yes I would like to lose another ten pounds. I am so use to being 130 so thats where am most comfortable. It's amazing you dont realize how much weight you gain over the years. I must admit that insanity wipe my little behind into shape. I hope your weight loss was successful as mine for those of you that joined me in the challenge that is if you remember!!

There is so much I want to share with you guys but today am going to keep it simple, short and sweet. Crazy thing my camera broke so I am looking to get a canon ti blah blah am still looking. I am seeing some great ones, since am really getting into photography and stuff I figure I invest in a good one, study alot and maybe start taking it seriously. I love it. For those of you that have asked about me, am here, for those that have keep coming back am here. Thank you for the support!!!


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