Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Faves

Summer has been wonderful but I have not done to much shopping my closest is full of my already faves, so this year I kept my shopping to a minimum and inexpensive as always

I got some crazy clogs and yes I do love them. They are comfortable high and super fun, easy and sexy. Am a vintage girl so I know they will stay in my closet and be worn with easy.

I got these from Nine West on sale for 22$. They were super expensive but because of there crazy sale I walked out smiling ear to ear. None of my friends love these but being who I am, I could care less. I love them!

My first love these colour blocking shoes from zara. I must say I wasnt to sure about these but there are so comfortable to wear and they looked stunning on my feet. These cost 100$ and on a 50% sale I got them for 50 something I believe.

Summer dress and skirts. I wore skirts, shorts, the shorter the better. I guess when you work out as hard as I did this summer, you reap the rewards so you want to show it off. That is exactly what I did. I know, but I feel no way about it. I worked hard.

White, for some reason I love white but I loved colour this season. Funny enough I didnt wear to much colour as I normally would even though my closest screams it. I love it on other people.

Box Braids, I saw them alot and really enjoy the come back of the box braids. Mine was super long but they made me feel so amazing and I spent as little time getting my hair done in the mornings. I had these in for about three months, did treatments on them every week. Thispic was taken in month two. I will definitely be revisiting these soon, maybe for winter. Advisory they can get super heavy on your head, since they are so long be prepared for some days you want to rip the out! smiles

Summer nights, is this corny to say. Well, lets just say I enjoy my summer nights. Me and the hubby playing basketball, going for walks. We arent into clubs, we rather go play pool, or watch movies, talk and chill, go downtown, shop things like that be around friends and family.
So these are some of my absolutely favourite things this summer. Share some of yours!!!

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