Friday, August 26, 2011

Style Finds

Lately I been searching for things I cant find! I found my self DIY a dress, skirt, tops everything. I remember the days when my mom would make all my clothes, beautiful dresses and I have actually saved a few to be honest. My mom was one of those people that was always creating something. I guess I learned a whole lot from her. Naturally I am a creative person to, I love art, book, sewin, painting, styling, decorating. I mean anything hands on that allows me to envision creativity am on it.

I guess thats why I love doing my hair, I mean I can create anything from my hair any braided pattern, any style and if am unsure how to do it, well, a picture is all I need. I wont go on about me for now. I found some amazing things for you all. Enjoy!!

Motel Rocks

I came across this great site, I love unique creations. Even tho summer is done I love love anything that has to do with summer, That means fashion too!

I love playsuits

I love tops

They are all really affordable!!


I love this site and what she has to offer. I am a lover of anything unique and creative and I love studs. I came across this amazing shop on esty check out some of her stuff.

Taylor Series - Button Earrings Umbrella - Button Earrings Polk-a-Dot - Button Earrings Fana - Button Earrings

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