Friday, January 6, 2012

Let's start the year right....Happy 2012

Let's start 2012 in a great way. I am so happy to start a new year in 2012. I love all the memories
of 2011 but am ready for 2012 to make new ones. It was such a hard, heart breaking memorable year for me. I went through so much in one year, I never thought I could make it through. I am just glad
I had this blog to take my mind off things from time to time. Thank you all for your time, continuing to
read and follow my journey. Let's start the year right.

I know what helps me through anything is music and writing so what is a better way to start the
year then music. This first artist I was introduce to by a close friend and instantly fell in love with
him. I think his music is so real, truthful and simply soulful. Hope you enjoy him as much as I do.