Friday, January 6, 2012

Update on My Natural Hair Journey

This was back in late September of 2010, I believe between September and October was the 
last time I cut off any damaged ends. My hait was about 2-3inches. I have always been natural 
but never really knew what to use or how to care for my hair. I was introduce to youtube by 
a friend and never looked back. I have always loved hair, working in salons, doing shows. 
I learned at an early age I had to do my own hair, besides I had no one else to do it.
I learned to braid, do weaves, twists, wigs and everything in between. 
I can braid, weave, or do any style just by looking at it, am a very creative 
person so it only comes naturally. The only thing I never learned that was 
in between the styling...I had to learn to take care of my hair. I am glad I am 
on this Natural Healthy Hair Journey.
To date I am please with my journey and 1 year and 3months later. 
Here is where I am today...

Two months before Jan 1st
Jan 1, 2012
You can also check out my journey in my page called: MY HAIR CHALLENGE 2012
My goal is to hit bra strap length and have healthy hair. I will discuss my regimen and what I 
done to see the progress I have seen! I will also
put together a year update on pics, styles and growth

Until Monday have a wonderful weekend