Tuesday, January 17, 2012

xoxo Music & Soul

Lately I have been listening to all the throw backs my heart can handle. I started this year on
such a good note, and even though am facing so much in my life right now, I couldn't be
happier. It's really weird to explain where it's coming from, I feel like it will all be okay, am
looking forward to all the joys 2012 has to offer. I want to share my play list with you guys
hope you all enjoy.

  • En Vogue- Don't Let Go
  • Lucy Pearl- Dance Tonight
  • Janet Jackson- That's the Way Love Goes, Again, I get so lonely
  • Toni Braxton- You're Makin me High, Unbreak My Heart, Let it flow
  • Omarion; Ice Box, Touch
  • Jon B- Don't Talk
  • Ideal- Whatever
  • Next-Too Close,Wifey
  • Ruff Endz-No More
  • 112-Dance With Me, 

And the list goes on and on...Really do you remember when music literally had you closing your
eyes with your hands in the air as you snapped your fingers. That's how some of these songs
make me feel...What are some of your favourite throwbacks?

xoxo Stan